Wednesday, January 9, 2019

August Recap

Pretty much any evening that the weather cooperated, we hung out on the porch for a bit with a drink. The doggies certainly didn't mind all the extra outside time.

Our fig tree kept growing like crazy; this might be the biggest it's ever been.

I was able to get back in the air again with my student; it might have been hot and steamy, but at least we were making some progress.

Mark wanted to replace a couple of our toilets, so we went to Home Depot to pick out some new ones. I wasn't sure that they'd both fit in his car, so I suggested just getting one to start and coming back for the second one. He insisted that they'd both fit, and I think it made his day to prove me wrong.

I spent a bit more time deburring some parts; the one with the forked end was made of thicker metal and was especially tedious.

One of the guys Mark works with gave him a couple passes for a free wine tasting at Bull Run Winery, so we headed up there to check it out. It was really good...

...and seemed to have a nice area set up outside, too. It started raining right as we were leaving, so we didn't stay to check it out.

One of our favorite games, Overcooked, came out with a new version. We started playing it as soon as we could; it was a lot of fun!

Here and there, I was able to catch nice sunsets at work.

Bacon tried to help Mark eat his pizza.

We had some more crummy weather...

...but I didn't mind too much because Zach came to visit again and we played a whole bunch of Overcooked 2.

I don't quite remember how it started, but Mark started emptying out the liquor cabinet at one point. That's not even the whole collection!

We got a new couch and some new kitchen chairs. We actually wound up getting the same exact couch that we already had. I tried to convince Mark that we should keep the old one, too, and have Supercouch, but he was unimpressed.

We had more crummy weather; at least with this storm, we got a small rainbow.

Mark and I had a random extra day off during the week, so we went to Old Town Culpeper for a snack and a drink.

We wandered through a couple stores, too, before heading back home.

We spent an afternoon working in the hangar, too. Mark rewired some stuff in my Mustang...

...and I snuck out for a short solo flight. I hadn't been flying very much with all the crummy weather, so it was nice to buzz around for a bit.

I even found Old House Vineyards; it's not too far from our house.

Mark brought me a pastel de nata one day. I forget where he found it, but it was tasty!

When Zach came to visit earlier in the month, he brought me a couple succulents, then we went to Home Depot and Lowe's and I picked up some cacti. I had recently lost a plant I'd had for a few years, so it was nice to have something green in my office again. (Little did I know what this would snowball into over the next couple months, lol.)

The weather finally cooperated for a bit, so I was able to get my student in the air again.

I think I took this while walking the track at work; I thought the texture in the higher layer of clouds looked really neat.

Mark and I were driving out near Rixeyville one day and randomly found a monument that we'd heard mentioned in a lecture a few months earlier at the Graffiti House.

We spent some more time hanging out on the porch...

...and hung out inside when the weather didn't cooperate.

I had one really good flying day toward the end of the month, even if it was hot and hazy and steamy. I did slow flight with my student...

...then filled in for another instructor and did maneuvers and a few landings with another student.

There was a gorgeous sunset at the airport to end the day.

I did some more deburring; I swear, most of building an airplane seems to be deburring so far.

Mark and I found all these guys eating our dill one day out on the porch. They were absolutely inhaling it! It was pretty neat to watch.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

July Recap

Again, I'm obviously really far behind, so we'll just do captions for each picture. I'm getting there!  :)

I was pretty excited when Mark brought home hot dogs; I don't get them very often, so they're always a (not exactly healthy) treat when I do.   :)

I managed to get back in the air with my student again. On this particular morning, I may have been the very first person on the airport. It was a nice peaceful start to the day.

Our fig tree started growing like crazy. Not bad, considering it was basically a couple small sticks just a couple months ago!

We both had to work on the Fourth of July, but one of the guys at work made a sweet BBQ spread, so it really wasn't that bad.

We had some pretty sunsets...

...then Mark and I got to spend a couple days in Bermuda...

...and I got to tag along on an Angel Flight in the HondaJet.

After all of the travel, I finally had time to start cleaning up my hangar from Women Can Fly.

Fuzz made sure to claim her favorite spot on my office chair every chance she got...

...and I tried out some color combinations for a possible kitchen wall stencil.

I was working in my hangar on another day that the HondaJet had gone out, and stopped by to chat with Gary for a few minutes. They managed to cram that thing back in the hangar just in time...

...because they had barely lowered the door when the skies opened up. The weather this summer was just ridiculous.

Bacon didn't mind, though, because we still took time to hang out on the front porch whenever it wasn't disgustingly warm and/or pouring.

I was feeling a bit ambitious one day (because of course the weather was terrible and I was getting cabin fever), so I prepped a whole bunch of things for work breakfasts.

We had a little bit of nice weather here and there, so I could catch the occasional nice sunrise...

...and I managed to sneak out in my C172 for a little while.

I also spent a decent amount of time playing around in my shop and getting comfortable with my power tools.

I had to go downtown one afternoon to grab something from the drugstore, and happened to catch the lady who sells veggies and plants on the corner of Main Street a couple times a week. I picked up this pretty plant for just a few dollars!

I also ordered some counter samples so we could try to wrap up our kitchen redo. They're all made from recycled glass. It was really hard to pick because they were all so pretty!

We had some tasty pizza...

...the doggies got to go on an adventure to PetSmart...

...and there were more drinks on the front porch. At least our potted herbs really liked the warm wet summer.

I snuck in laps on the track at work whenever the weather cooperated...

...and I was able to get my student in the air again, after having to cancel a few times for weather.

Toward the end of the month, Mark and I got to spend the day at Hanover County Airport (OFP), telling kids about what it's like to be an air traffic controller.

Cat, one of my buddies, was there, too; she brought a bunch of candy as well as her iPad loaded up with an ATC game, so we were pretty much one of the most popular tables there. It was a really fun day, and I think we got a few kids interested in ATC as a career!

I rounded out the month by managing to find a nice enough morning to eat breakfast outside at work one day. Overall the weather was pretty rough this summer, so I had to take what I could get!