Sunday, February 19, 2017

Picture of the Day: February 13th to February 19th

February 13th: I had a day shift. It had been months since I had a regular Monday day shift. I was very peopled out by the end of the day. It was definitely a two-drink evening. 

February 14th: We tried a new recipe for dinner: quinoa patties with eggs and cheese. It was really good! 

February 15th: Dave and I had to go down to Richmond for a Women Can Fly planning meeting. We'd hoped to fly, but the weather didn't cooperate so we wound up driving instead. I waved to the tower on our way out. 

February 16th: My air compressor came today! I've almost finished buying everything I need for my shop. Next up: move it all to the hangar so the living room isn't full of power tools.

February 17th: I took some of the leftover quinoa, threw it in a bowl with some avocado and a fried egg, then topped it all with shredded Parmesan cheese. It was deliiiiicious.

February 18th: We went for a walk through the new development going up around the corner from us. No wonder our cars are covered in gross dust; it was a mess. Mark and I joked about either buying a plot and leaving it empty, or buying one and just putting a giant garage on it. Tempting...

February 19th: I had day/mid today. Mark got my little car running again, so I figured it would be a waste of a perfectly good convertible day if I didn't at least drive it in for the day shift. The weather this year has been bananas; it seems like we've already hit spring.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Picture of the Day: February 6th to February 12th

February 6th: Mark and I recently rediscovered Dr. Mario; we've been playing a lot of it lately. 

February 7th: We met up with some friends, spent the afternoon in Old Town Culpeper, then came back to our house and drank whiskey on the porch. The weather was was crazy to be able to sit outside like this in February. 

February 8th: I finally got back in the air today! I went up by myself for a little while and did some sightseeing out near the mountains. 

February 9th: It snowed a bit while I was at work; this was the view looking out of the cafeteria door. It was COLD when I went to clean off my car later that night.

February 10th: Mark tried a few whiskey samples after work. Wembles sniffed them from afar. 

February 11th: I was able to get the day off from work, so I spent a good chunk of it at the airport, cleaning my hangar. I did take a break to go buzz around with a friend for a little while, though. Visibility was fantastic, and I'm definitely not used to flying with so much traffic! 

February 12th: The sky looked really neat just after sunset. This was before the winds got too ridiculous.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Picture of the Day: January 30th to February 5th

January 30th: I had the day off and woke up to this! It had snowed overnight. We only got about an inch, but it was still really pretty (and the dogs liked running around in it).

January 31st: I spent part of today hanging out with my airport buddy, Bob, in his shop. He has the tail on his project now! I spent a bit of time picking his brain about tools and work benches...time to start hitting the books again so I can get my project started.

February 1st: We went to the movies and Tyson's later in the day. Mark wanted to get some new glasses, so we stopped at Warby Parker. It was pretty fun to try on a bunch of different frames.

February 2nd: Bob picked me up in the morning and we went to the hardware store down the street to buy all the wood for my workbenches. Bob's going to cut everything up for me, then we're going to take it all to my hangar and put everything together there. I'm looking forward to getting my shop finished!

February 3rd: The weather was nice enough to walk the track again at work. The clouds were a bit dramatic in the afternoon.

February 4th: There was a really pretty sunset, so I ran outside to grab a few pictures.

Bonus picture! It was a bit misty, but the moon looked pretty neat.

February 5th: Mark and I recently noticed that there are a whole bunch of birds in our neighborhood. It didn't take them long at all to find the new bird feeder Mark ordered.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Picture of the Day: January 23rd to January 29th

January 23rd: It rained just a bit today. This was our front yard right before it started letting up. 

January 24th: Mark and I spent part of today sorting through everything in the kitchen. Among the fun finds: Wembley's little puffer jacket.  :) 

January 25th: This week's mid kicked my butt hard, and while the weather was nice enough to fly, I just wasn't up for it. Instead, we drove out to Luray, had lunch at one of our favorite sandwich places, then stopped at a few overlooks in Shenandoah on the way home. There was snow up in the higher elevations! This parking area was like a skating rink.

January 26th: Back to work today. Someday I'll get to the rest of these Legos! 

January 27th: When I put away the stuff I used to make my Christmas card, I had a hard time finding space for some of the dinosaurs. This one lucked out with a spot on my Lego ferris wheel. 

January 28th: Mark and I both had day shifts, and I stayed late to earn a bit of credit time. This is about how motivated I felt by the end of the day. 

January 29th: I forgot to take today's picture until right before I went to bed - oops! This is the bulletin board in my office; I've posted a bunch of fun postcards I've picked up from some of our trips.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Picture of the Day: January 16th to January 22nd

January 16th: Mark got his latest order of whiskey today and decided to take his own picture of the day to celebrate all of his new bottles. 

January 17th: The inside of my '66 Mustang. I spent a bit of time working in the hangar today, and among the things I wanted to do was grab some pictures for reference as I slowly restore it. It's in pretty decent shape, but it still needs a bit of work, and having pictures to reference will make it a lot easier when I need to order parts. 

January 18th: It was another crummy weather day, so Mark and I spent part of the day making a whole bunch of food. Veggie mac and cheese, butternut squash pasta, butternut squash soup, and honey wheat bread...we won't need to cook again for a while! 

January 19th: We both had to work evening shifts, but we spent a little time after work planning out an upcoming trip.

January 20th: I spent a good chunk of the morning starting to go through my RV-10 plans. Sloooowly getting started on my project. 

January 21st: We both worked day shifts, then had Jen and Naomi over in the afternoon. Jen is visiting for a class, so she flew up a day early so we could all hang out. Mark made sure we had lots of tasty snacks.   :) 

January 22nd: Day/mid's been crummy weather all week. This was shortly before we left for work. I'm starting to forget what the sun looks like.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Picture of the Day: January 9th to January 15th

January 9th: I laid around like a slug for most of the day after the mid. We did manage to get most of the Christmas decorations put away, though, so we celebrated by making quesadillas with tater tots in them and watching some Bob's Burgers. 

January 10th: I was doing something at the table in my office and heard a quiet little 'thump thump thump'. This is what I saw when I looked under the table.  :) 

January 11th: The weather was crummy again, so I spent a little time putting together some of the Legos I got for Christmas. That turned into spending the entire day putting together Legos. Mark even brought me dinner upstairs. I regret nothing.

January 12th: Back to work...of course the rain stopped! It was really windy, though. I didn't get to fly in the morning, but I did at least get to walk the track at work on a couple breaks. 

January 13th: Mark called me outside after work to see the moon; it had a really neat rainbow halo around it. I couldn't get the halo to show up well on camera, so I decided to try out some zoom shots instead. I especially like how you can see the craters so well along the edges.  :) 

 January 14th: A close up of one of the paintings in our living room.

January 15th: The clouds looked really cool in the afternoon.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Picture of the Day: December 31st to January 8th

Over the past couple months I've realized that aside from trips, I've barely been taking any pictures and my photography skills were starting to slide. Time to fix that! I'll be doing my Picture of the Day project through 2017 to get my skills back up to speed.

Dec 31st: Mark and I both had to work day shifts that day, then get up at 4am the next morning, so we had Jeff and Caeli over earlier in the day instead of trying to stay up until midnight. We had some snacks, played some pool, live-streamed fireworks from countries that were hours ahead of us, and Jeff passed out in the chair in the corner. Nice to see nothing's changed there.  :)

Jan 1st: I spent the new year working day/mid. 3am's as good a time as any to get my logbook up to date while watching the weather push through the airspace.

Jan 2nd: Mark picked up some sort of Christmas cooties (again), so he spent the day on the couch with the doggies.

Jan 3rd: The weather was still kind of gross, so I decided to try the puzzle my parents got me. It's definitely one of the coolest puzzles I've done in a while; the pieces were really neat.

Jan 4th: Finally, some better weather! Though as soon as I pulled the plane out of the hangar, it started raining. I took Abby up for a little while once the showers passed; we did a little sightseeing and I was able to get some more pictures for a friend's project. The skies really started to clear out after we landed, though the winds certainly were fun!

Jan 5th: Abby and I went up again before I had to go to work, and this time I was finally able to get my ADS-B evaluation to pass! My new transponder is finally good to go.

Jan 6th: My snack after the eve shift at work. Some days you work the traffic, and some days the traffic works you...I went down in FLAMES on one of the scopes right before the end of my shift. I haven't been that far down the tubes in a long time. Part of it was the winds, part of it was too much traffic all at once, and part of it was a real jerk of a pilot. It's always fun trying to fall asleep coming down off of something like that when you have to be back at work in less than 9 hours, hence the tiny bit of whiskey.

Jan 7th: Our first kind of real snow for the winter! It was just starting to fall when I left for work at 6am, and this was how it looked when I got home a little before 5pm. 

Jan 8th: Another day/mid. Mark left a sheet on the couch for the doggies to hang out on while we were at work overnight...they were pretty happy.