Saturday, March 9, 2019

November Recap

I'll get this thing caught up eventually! November was another busy month, too.

I caught another pretty sunrise after the mid again.

Mark and I actually lined up together on the mid for a change, so we went to Culpeper for brunch after grabbing a nap. My chicken and waffles and tater tots was very tasty.

I also picked up some new socks at one of the little shops in Old Town Culpeper.   :)

The weather was nice that day, so we took advantage of it and hung out on the porch for a bit.

It's a good thing we enjoyed the weather while we could, because this is what we got the next day.

My parents came to visit for a couple days; you can read all about what we did in my previous post.

I'm not sure if Wembles was hanging out near the oven because it was warm, or if she was eyeballing my scones and hoping one might fall on the floor.

My little cactus started flowering! (And months later, in early March, it's STILL flowering!)

The weather was pretty decent for a little while, which meant I got to go flying for a bit...

...and enjoy some fantastic sunsets while walking the track at work.

Not a bad way to spend a break.   :)

Mark went grocery shopping, and the doggies were especially pleased with the giant bag of wiener dog food.

There was some crummy weather heading in, but there was still time to squeeze in a quick flight before it arrived!

It was neat to see the ridges fading into the clouds out in the distance.

This is what we wound up picking up from the system. Bleh. I'm about ready for spring.

I took a bit of leave from work and ran in our town's Turkey Trot again this year. It was really fun! I hadn't been running much before the race, but I managed to run a pretty good time despite that, and managed to pick up both an extra shirt and a poinsettia. It's always a fun race, so I'm looking forward to next year!

I don't remember if there was a particular reason that we had a bunch of very tasty snacks, but they were delicious.

My buddy asked me if I would fly with him so he could practice some instrument approaches. I'm not one to turn down flying, so we met up to go buzz around for a bit. I liked how he had his airplane warming up; it looked so toasty.   :)

He shot an ILS into Stafford (RMN)...

...then we flew down to Louisa (LKU), a bit past Lake Anna, for another approach.

After Dave and I flew his plane for a bit, I took my C172 out for a bit of sightseeing near the mountains.

Visibility was fantastic that day...

...and it was neat to see the snow on the ridges.

It was also a nice way to wrap up flying for a bit, since it was my last flight before the plane was heading to the shop for the annual inspection.

After all that flying, it was time to get started on Thanksgiving! We had to work on the actual day again this year (as well as the day before), so we decided to have all of our tasty things that Tuesday. I made some shortbread-y cinnamon pecan cookies...

...and one of my favorite Brussels sprout dishes. You have to pick apart all the individual leaves, so it takes a while, but it's worth it.

We made some sweet potato appetizers to eat...

...while I knocked out some challah buns.

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving food prep without binge watching Clone High.   :)

Mark made duck with a cherry sauce instead of doing a full turkey, and we had some doctored up Stive Top stuffing, too. Everything turned out really well!

After stuffing ourselves, we hung out in front of the fire with the doggies and some adult beverages. It was a really nice evening.

Thanksgiving morning itself is always one of my favorite mornings of the year. I don't have to work until the afternoon, so I spend the entire morning in front of the TV, drinking coffee (sometimes multiple cups), watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, and reading that day's issue of the Washington Post front to back, including all of the sale papers.

The parade usually wraps up around noon, so I usually eat a bunch of Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch while everything finishes up.

I had a little bit of time left before I had to head in to work, so I watched a bit of the dog show with my doggies.   :)

I know this isn't all of November; this recap only goes to Thanksgiving. You'll get to see what we did for the rest of the month in my upcoming posts!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Quick Visit From My Parents

In keeping with the theme of lots of people coming to visit in the fall, in early November, my parents came to visit for a few days.

They brought down our Christmas presents; they were wrapped so pretty!

They also brought some delicious delicious Italian food. We don't have any really good Italian food nearby, so it's always a treat to get something from NJ.

We somehow convinced them to play a video game! We played a few rounds of Trivial Pursuit, which was pretty funny.

We had a full day free to spend together the next day, so we changed things up from our normal trip to Culpeper and headed west instead. I asked Mark if we could make a quick stop in Shenandoah as we drove.

The detour was well worth it; the views were fantastic.

I always love when the clouds are below the ridges.   :)

We stopped to check out a few overlooks, then hopped back in the car to head to our next stop: 

Luray Caverns!

Our tour guide may have been the cheesiest person I've ever encountered, but the tour was still fun and the scenery was really cool.

The little reflecting lake thing is always one of the coolest parts.

I also like how the section on the bottom is almost see-through.

We wandered all through the caverns by the end of the tour.

After the tour was over, we drove into town for lunch. Mark's favorite sandwich place is in Luray, so he was very happy to get another tasty sandwich.

After dinner that night, I showed my mom how to make the ham and cheese scones that I make for my work breakfasts. We made sure to taste test our work.   :)

My parents headed back to NJ the next morning, and Mark and I headed back in to work. It had been nice to have them visit for a bit!