Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Picture of the Day: June 12th to June 18th

I know I disappeared for a little while there, but there was a good reason! This past Saturday was the Women Can Fly event that I organized. I'll have a full post about it after I get this all caught up again, but it was a great day and we managed to get over 200 people in the air. Anyway, for now, back to Pictures of the Day!

June 12th: We got together with Megan, Marcus, and a few other friends at a winery for one last hangout before they flew back to Dubai. The weather was really nice, the wine was tasty, and it was fun to get to hang out with them a bit more. Marcus told me and Mark that we should try to come over for next year's Formula One race in Abu Dhabi. I'm all for it if we can get the time off! We'll have to wait until this fall to see. 

June 13th: Zach came down to visit and helped us rearrange our kitchen a bit. We're moving on to the next phase of slowly redoing everything, and part of that involves getting rid of our hutch and getting another kitchen island. 

June 14th: We took a break from furniture assembly (and event planning for me), and went into Old Town Warrenton for lunch. We sat right in front of the pizza oven, which was fun to watch,

June 15th: Zach headed home in the morning. I noticed this little grasshopper hiding in our basil while I was waving goodbye.

June 16th: The lilies at the end of our driveway have been going nuts lately. Mark's been watering them to try to make them last longer. 

June 17th: I decided I needed some motivation to be more consistent with my running, so I signed up for a half marathon this fall. I ordered a bunch of Gu and Nuun, so I should be good to go as training ramps up over the next couple months. 

June 18th: The wiener dogs absolutely love when we spray them with the hose, which makes watering the garden a bit tricky when they're outside. They also get a bit impatient (and loud) if Mark dares to spray the garden more than he sprays them. Both of the doggies were drenched by the time Mark finished.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Picture of the Day: June 5th to June 11th

June 5th: Mark was outside with the dogs and called me outside to help keep them away from the driveway. Turns out this little guy was hopping around. I'm still not exactly sure what kind of bird this is. 

June 6th: Mark and I went to Old Town Warrenton for lunch. The mini pizza was especially delicious and made me miss Italy. We spent the rest of the afternoon buying stuff for our garden and getting it all planted.

June 7th: I have just been full of good ideas this week, which Mark has absolutely loved, I'm sure. One of them was putting up a blackout curtain in the guest room. The wiener dogs were such helpy helpers when Mark was trying to drill the holes in the wall. 

June 8th: I got outside for a lap on the track at work just as the sun was setting.

June 9th: Ta da! This year's garden. Hopefully the fencing will keep the stupid fat rabbits from eating everything. 

June 10th: Mark got stuck working overtime on his day shift, but when he eventually got home we spent a little time hanging out on the porch. Bacon spent part of the time trying to eat mosquitoes. 

June 11th: I had been drooling over some pretty bath towels in a catalog for a while and finally decided to order them. They're so bright and cheery! (Mark's reaction when the box of towels came: "Gee, it sure seems exciting being a lady. Towels, huh?")

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Picture of the Day: May 29th to June 4th

May 29th: Mark and I were sitting on the front porch when I noticed this rainbow streak in the clouds. It lasted just long enough for me to grab my good camera and get a few pictures, then it disappeared. Neat! 

May 30th: Mark and I  dropped my Mustang off at the shop to get a few things fixed. We took the wiener dogs with when we went to the airport to pick it up; they had fun sniffing the interior.

May 31st: Mark took Wembles kayaking. She wasn't a huge fan, and when he rowed up to the dock she climbed right out of the boat. So much for that!

June 1st: Mark and I both had today off for a nice long weekend. We took advantage of the free evening and went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant in Culpeper. Mark was very happy that they had their pork belly appetizer again. 

June 2nd: Not the best picture, but I came home from work to a whole box of notebooks I had ordered. These have plastic covers and graph paper inside; they're my favorites (and pretty much the only notebooks I use anymore). 

June 3rd: Mark and I both spent most of the day inside at work, but we did at least get a little while to enjoy the gorgeous weather outside in the evening. We hung out on the porch for a bit, drinking wine and eating cheese and crackers. 

June 4th: In addition to putting together the Women Can Fly event, I've been trying to get rid of the last random junk piles in my office. I figured that dumping everything in the middle of the floor would be a little more motivating, but since I've been working so much the past few days, all it's really done is make my office as messy as the rest of my life right now. I've definitely got some work to do over the next few days!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Picture of the Day: May 22nd to May 28th

I haven't forgotten about getting some Italy posts up here! I've been pretty busy lately with planning for the Women Can Fly event in a few weeks, so I haven't had very much time to edit pictures over the past week. Soon, though! For now, some more Pics of the Day.

May 22nd: We went for a guided tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel in the morning. This was the ceiling in one of the long hallways. This may be the most ornate place I've ever seen.

May 23rd: It was our last day in Rome and we wanted a break from all of the tourist spots, so we took the metro to a local neighborhood and explored a bit. We found a bakery with delicious cookies and wine, so we stopped for a little while to enjoy our snacks.

May 24th: We snuck up to the hotel's roof terrace for one last peek at the view before heading to the airport in the morning. You can see the top of the Colosseum just to the left of the middle of the picture, partially hidden by some trees.

May 25th: My own falcon hood! Our friends from Dubai are back in the US for a couple weeks, and we met up with them and some other friends for dinner the night we got back from Italy (which made for a long day, but was very worth it). They remembered how much I liked the falcon hoods, so they got one for me when they went back to the falcon hospital in Abu Dhabi.   :)

May 26th: Dave and I went to pick up the T-shirts we ordered for the Women Can Fly event. They turned out really well! It should be really easy to pick out our volunteers with the nice bright pink.  :)

May 27th: A lot of our plants are filling in now that it's warming up. The Japanese Maple in our backyard is especially pretty.

May 28th: I worked a ten hour day to build up some more credit time since I didn't have the mid this week. I didn't mind, though, because the traffic was really light in the morning because of the holiday, so I got a nice long break that lined up nicely with the start of the F1 race in Monaco. I've really been missing Europe since we got back, so it was nice to get a quick fix of the scenery on TV!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Picture of the Day: May 15th to May 21st

I know I'm a bit behind on my posts, but it's for a good reason...we just spent a week in Italy! I'll have a whole bunch of posts and pictures soon about the trip; it was beautiful and delicious. For now, some pictures of the day.   :)

May 15th: We had a direct flight to Rome from Dulles. I've been racking up the United miles, and by the time this trip is done I might have enough to cover airfare for whatever our next trip is. 

May 16th: Some snacks and wine (and a view) from our hotel rooftop terrace in Naples, Italy. We were pretty beat but managed to power through the day thanks to a short nap. 

May 17th: We spent a few hours in Pompeii on our way south. What a cool place! We spent about three hours here and I easily could have doubled that.

May 18th: Overlooking Amalfi. We spent part of the day sightseeing here. The drive to get here sure was interesting, but that's for a later post! 

May 19th: We stopped in Herculaneum on our way north. Herculaneum is kind of like a baby Pompeii; it was also buried by Mt. Vesuvius in 79AD, but it's smaller and a bit better preserved. It was incredible, and easily one of my favorite stops of the entire trip. This mosaic was in one of the houses. Insane.

May 20th: Looking up toward Palatine Hill from the Roman Forum in Rome. I accidentally slept in a LOT, so this was a bit of a low key day. 

May 21st: We wandered through the basilica a few blocks from our hotel while they were holding Sunday Mass. It was really cool; there was a choir and the art was incredible.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Picture of the Day: May 8th to May 14th

May 8th: No mid this week, but I was still pretty tired after the day shift. The doggies caught me hanging out on my floor pillow; Wembles decided I needed some face slurps.

May 9th: I spent a little bit of time knocking some things off my to-do list, including driving my Mustang around a bit. It's leaking a bit of transmission fluid, so I'm hoping to get it in the shop soon so I can get it back on the road again.

May 10th: I finally got back in the air again today! The winds were light and the visibility was great, This is downtown Warrenton.

May 11th: I decided to order a few things I'd been eyeing up for a while. It was like Christmas when I got home from work!

May 12th: Snack of champions...cereal and a glass of wine. It was my second ten-hour workday in a row, and I was a bit hungry when I eventually got home.

May 13th: I left work a couple hours early and spent a bit of time at an open hangar party at the airport. One of the new tenants threw a really nice party. Tasty food, steel drum band, a shiny jet, and some fancy was pretty neat!

May 14th: Another day/mid this week. Sometime last year, someone put two pink flamingos in the dirt near some trees at work. Someone often decorates them for whatever holiday is coming up, and it always makes me smile when I see them as I walk in. I was a little worried last week when I noticed one of them was missing...until I saw that someone had hidden it up in one of the trees.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Quick Trip to DC

Mark and I have been saying for a while that we should take an overnight trip to DC sometime. I recently found out that one of my favorite musicals was in DC for a few weeks, so I figured that would be the perfect excuse to go spend a night in the city.

Mark found us a room at the State Plaza Hotel, fairly close to the metro and the National Mall. We got there well before check-in time and asked nicely if we could leave our bags with them while we grabbed some lunch, figuring it was too early to check in. Instead, we found ourselves with a free upgrade and early check-in - nice!

The room was like a small apartment, and even had a kitchen. It was pretty sweet.

The view looking west. We were right near the George Washington University, so there was a lot going on down on the streets. I was geeking out because they were landing south at DCA and I could see all of my airplanes.

We hung out in the room for a few minutes, then went out to find some lunch.

We decided to take the scenic route past the White House. I think this might be the sidewalk they closed just a couple days later. We eventually wound up at District Taco, stuffed ourselves with delicious tacos, then went on to our next stop...

...the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. And home of Julia Child's kitchen.

And this guy. The transportation sections were pretty neat, but overall the place was absolutely slammed. It seemed like every school in the area must have picked that specific day for a field trip. At any rate, we did at least see a few cool things before making our way back out to the National Mall.

We passed by the National Museum of African American History and Culture. I've heard that this is a really cool museum, so I'm really looking forward to checking it out someday. It's pretty tricky to get tickets, though; it's so popular that timed tickets get sold out really fast, so the other option is to wake up first thing in the morning and try to grab one of the handful of daily tickets they release each day. I didn't know that was a thing until it was too late to get tickets for the day, so I just settled for admiring the outside of the building for now.

It was a really nice day, so we spent some time wandering around the Mall.

We eventually made our way down to the Lincoln Memorial and took a break on the steps.

We weren't the only ones with that idea.

We poked our heads in to say hello to Lincoln, then wandered back to the hotel. We got cleaned up, then wandered over to Graffiato for dinner. It's owned by Mike Isabella, who was on Top Chef a while ago. Everything was really good (and none of my pictures turned out well, haha), and we were out of there with plenty of time to get to the show.

Ragtime was at the Ford's Theatre, and you could see the box where Lincoln was shot right next to the stage, which was crazy. At any rate, the theater was very cool and the show was fantastic. I've wanted to see this show since I was in high school, so it was great to finally see it in person.

After the show, we were walking to our next stop when we came across this. Creepy!

We eventually made our way to the Jack Rose Dining Saloon. It's got a huuuuge selection of whiskies, so Mark was really looking forward to it. And when we got there (at 11pm on a Tuesday), it was absolutely slammed. We couldn't even get into the downstairs room with all of the cool whisky, and when we did manage to squeeze into the upstairs room that seemed more like a regular bar, it was standing room only and you could barely move at that. I don't even know how we would have gotten up to the bar to get anything to drink. We decided to cut our losses and try again some other time...

...which is how we wound up over at Rebellion. We were almost the only ones here! They had some pretty cool things, so we had a couple drinks and talked to the bartender lady for a little while before heading out.

...and this is how you properly end an evening in DC: pizza. We got an Uber back to the hotel after that and called it a night.

We had originally planned to go for a run through the National Mall the next morning, but when we woke up there was a line of rain moving in. You could see it getting closer, so we decided to skip the run, checked out of the hotel, and got an Uber to Georgetown.

I thought this building looked pretty cool. We started with a really good breakfast at a small bakery, then spent a couple hours wandering through some stores before eventually making our way back to the metro and heading back home. It had been a fun quick trip, and I'd happily do it again sometime!