Saturday, January 20, 2018

November 28th: Lazy Beach Day

I'm not sure if I can accurately describe how nice it felt to catch up on sleep a bit. It was pretty fantastic.

Especially since this is how I started the day.  :)

Mark went inside for a minute while I was finishing my coffee and wound up with a little competition for his seat when he came back. There were three of these birds, and they came right up to us!

They hung out for a few minutes, then eventually moved on once they realized we didn't have any food for them. Mark and I were pretty hungry by then, so we walked down to Mar y Tierra for breakfast.

Everything was really tasty, and we got to sit outside. I wish I could eat breakfast like this every day!

Our bird friends eventually made their way over to the restaurant, too, and were trolling for handouts.

We went for a short walk after breakfast. This was the view from the bar by the main section of the beach.   :)

The iguanas were starting to come out by the time we started walking back to the room. This one was particularly big.

The housekeeping staff at the resort must be made up of ninjas, because they are awesome about quickly cleaning your room when you're away. They left us a little towel elephant when they made our bed.   :)    We changed into our bathing suits, sunblocked up, and walked down to the main section of the beach.

While the view was nice, all of the seats were already taken! Granted, it was late morning, but we walked allllll the way down to the end and every single seat was full.

Good thing we had the little beach near our room! Granted, we'd have to walk down to the swimming area, but at least we had a nice place to hang out. This is how I spent most of the day. Well, this and drinks.

We eventually took a short break for lunch, then came back to our chairs to hang out some more.

We walked down to the main section of beach and went swimming for a while. There are lots of fish that hang out in the swimming area, so I had fun watching them swim around while Mark went out to play in the waves. 

We eventually wandered back to our chairs and grabbed a couple drinks to sip while we watched the sun go down.

Not a bad view to end our lazy beach day.  :)

We wound up going to Tamansari for dinner. I inhaled every last bit of curry I could get my hands on, and it was all really good.

After dinner, we grabbed some seats in the Plaza Espana, grabbed a couple drinks, and hung out for a bit. One of the funniest things last year was watching drunk people dance to the Imperial Band, so we were hoping for some more entertainment.   :)

We played cards for a bit, watched some silly people dancing, then eventually made our way back to the room. We had an early bus to catch the next morning!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

November 27th: Off to Mexico!

It wouldn't be the week of my birthday without a trip somewhere! I had such a good time at the Valentin Imperial Maya last year that I wanted to go back again. Mark and I both worked the mid, then drove right to Dulles to hop on a flight to Cancun.

I had upgraded us to Business for the flight down, and it turns out that will get you into the fancy United lounge. We hung out in there for a while, eating free snacks, reading free magazines, and charging our phones with the plentiful electrical outlets, before eventually wandering down to the gate to board our flight. of my favorite ways to start a long weekend.   :)

We eventually pushed back, taxied out, and took off.

I got a pretty sweet view of Udvar-Hazy as we climbed out. It looks like they're adding on to the museum...we'll have to go check it out again sometime!

I also got a really nice view of northern Virginia as we continued to climb out. That's Manassas (HEF) on the left side of the picture. And then I got an even better view of northern Virginia when we leveled off at 10,000ft and made a hard left turn...all the way around. I found out after we got back from the trip that our plane had pressurization problems, but they eventually got it sorted out and we continued on course.

I didn't really mind the bonus time in the air, though. It gave me more time to watch movies and eat cheese blintzes for breakfast!   :)

We continued south and eventually wound up over the Gulf of Mexico. There were some pretty decent looking storms out over the water.

 I especially liked the rainbow.   :)

After a while, we made it to Mexico. This was on final for Cancun. Customs was super easy, our bags were some of the first ones that popped out on the carousel, and our resort somehow wound up being the first stop for our shuttle bus. Not a bad start to the trip!

Even better, our room was ready to go when we got there, even though it was before the official check in time. This was the view from our back patio. I'll take it!   :)

We eventually peeled ourselves out of the beach chairs and hammock and wandered back up to the lobby. We booked a tour we'd been eyeing up, grabbed lunch at the buffet, and wandered around a bit more before eventually making our way back to the room to get changed into our bathing suits.

 This was my view for most of the rest of the afternoon. Turns out there were a few beach chairs with umbrella things just a short walk from our room, away from the bigger section of beach.

We eventually did take a walk down to the busier part of the beach...

...then made our way back to the room shortly before sunset. We had a hot tub in the room, too, so we hung out for a little while, drinking drinks out of our little mini fridge and watching the Great British Baking Show on Mark's tablet, before eventually getting cleaned up and heading out for dinner.

One thing I wished we had done the year before was try more of the restaurants, so we tried out L'Alsace, the French restaurant. Everything was AMAZING. This was a foie gras terrine with pear foam (or something like that) and I inhaled every bit of it. We split a bottle of wine, stuffed ourselves with tasty food, and had fun giggling over a very serious looking guy playing the cello along with recordings of pop songs. It was pretty fun and delicious.

The resort was having their Mexican party and show, so we stopped by for a few minutes to check it out. Way in the back right part of the picture you can just see the mariachi band, and they still had part of the buffet set up. (Not that I had any room for any more food!)

We wandered through the Plaza Espana on our way back to the room. There were tables with crafts vendors set up along the edges. I would have loved to stay and listen to the band for a bit, but I could barely keep my eyes open after being awake for so long. Time for some sleep!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Picture of the Day: December 25th to December 31st

December 25th: Christmas! We both had to work day shifts, but after we got home we changed into pajamas and had our own Christmas. Bacon especially liked helping Mark open his presents. 

December 26th: I was still getting over being sick, so we had a lazy day at home. We spent the evening watching some more Great British Baking Show and trying a couple whisky samples. 

December 27th: Jeff and Caeli were in town, so we had them over for a bit. We had snacks and whiskey samples and played pool and watched cartoons. It was nice to catch up with them again.  :) 

December 28th: Back to work, though we did spend a little bit of time hanging out in front of the fire when we got home.

December 29th: One of my buddies at work has chickens and ducks, and since his family is out of town for the holidays, he had a lot of extra eggs. He brought some of them to work and gave them away. I'm not about to turn down fresh local eggs!  :)

December 30th: We got a little bit of snow today. I'm not sure that any of us were happy about it. 

December 31st: Goodbye 2017, hello 2018! This is how I rang in the new year: sitting on position at work, sipping the sparkling grape juice that the supervisor thoughtfully brought in to share. One of my coworkers yelled a countdown across the room, and I said "Happy New Year" to the one plane I had on frequency. Really, it wasn't a bad way to start the new year.   :)

And with that, my Picture of the Day project has come to an end. It doesn't mean I won't still post things here! I'll still update this with stuff that we do. I just won't be taking pictures every single day. I've got some fun stuff planned for this coming year, so it's time to focus my energy on new projects!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Picture of the Day: December 18th to December 24th

December 18th: I had to run a bunch of errands, and it wound up making the most sense to put all the stamps on my Christmas cards in my hangar so I could stop by the post office on my way home. Multitasking!

December 19th: My parents came to visit! And they brought delicious Italian food from Carollo's with them for dinner. We hung out and watched some Great British Baking Show after dinner, and shortly before I went to bed I got a fever and started to feel pretty awful. Awesome. 

December 20th: I was still feeling pretty sick, so I stayed home and slept while my parents and Mark went to Old Town Culpeper for the day. My mom brought the stuff to make pizzelles, so she showed me how to make those after dinner. (And that's two loaves of freshly made challah on the counter, too, that she made in the morning!)

December 21st: My parents left in the morning, and I called out of work and spent the day napping at home. I did find the chia pet that evening, thanks to a few hints from my mom.   :)

December 22nd: Another day sick at home; I spent most of it napping again. Whatever this cold/fever/sore throat thing is, it's kicking my butt hard. At least the tree is pretty. 

December 23rd: I spent yet another day sick at home, though I was starting to feel a little better as the day went on. I posted this year's Christmas card on Facebook and Instagram, so at least there's that. 

December 24th: Finally back to work! But only for a few hours; I took leave and wound up coming home for a nap around lunch time. I finally finished wrapping all of the presents I needed to wrap, then Mark and I each gave each other a Christmas Eve present and watched Muppet Christmas Carol before heading to bed early. Almost Christmas!   :)

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Picture of the Day: December 11th to December 17th

December 11th: Time to shoot the Christmas card!  :)

December 12th: I spent part of the afternoon with one of my buddies at the FBO, comparing different electronic flight bag programs on our iPads. It was cold and breezy, so it was a nice afternoon to sit inside, sipping warm apple cider. 

December 13th: Mark put up our outside Christmas lights today.

December 14th: The angel on top of our tree. She wound up filled with colored lights this year, so she's extra fancy.   :)

December 15th: We had to work today, but we did take a few minutes to hang out in front of the fire after we got home. 

December 16th: Exciting day at work! And by exciting, I mean it was kind of slow and I spent one of my breaks in the cafeteria, talking to people online and watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. 

December 17th: I had day/mid today, but I did spend a little bit of time in between working on some notecards for myself. My original plan was to stuff these with money to give as Christmas presents, but honestly, I might keep some of them for myself!