Friday, November 8, 2019

March 6th: Why Did I Eat All The Things? And Home

I slept suuuuper bad that night and woke up with an angry belly. Which really wasn't a huge surprise, since I'd spent the past two days absolutely stuffing myself. I dragged myself out of bed while Mark went out and picked up some breakfast and coffee.

After breakfast, we finished packing and said goodbye to our room. It had been a really nice place to stay! We still had some time before our flight was scheduled to leave, though, so we left our bags with the building's office, then went to check out a couple more things with our last few hours.

We started at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden. There were a lot of neat pieces scattered around the grounds.

I especially liked this piece in their indoor display.

After checking out the sculpture garden, we wandered over to Barton Springs to check out some of their trails.

Some of the trails followed the water; at one point we saw a guy in a thong doing a weird exercise routine on one of the paths that crossed the water. I guess he was helping Keep Austin Weird?

I thought these leaves looked really cool.

We made our way down to the water, and started to follow the path back toward downtown.

These rental scooters were aaaaalllll over the city. It did not surprise me at all to find one in an very wooded part of the trail.

We followed the path along the water for a while...

...and eventually wound up near the middle of the city again.

After hanging out for a bit, we eventually grabbed an Uber, picked up our bags, and made our way to the airport.

It didn't take long to check in and make it through security, so we had plenty of time to grab lunch. This salad was really tasty (and the veggies were a welcome thing after everything I had stuffed in my belly the past few days).

There were some neat art pieces hanging in one section of the terminal.

We wandered around a bit longer, then made our way to the gate to board our flight.

I had been a bit worried about what TSA might think about me bringing plants as a carry on, but it turns out they didn't care! I sent the box through the x-ray machine and was fully expecting to have to unpack everything, dump out the dirt, and bring the plants home without their pots. They didn't bat an eye when my plants made their way down the conveyor belt. If I had known it would be so easy to get them through security, I might have bought more!

We got a pretty sweet view of the race track on departure. This is where they have the Formula One race; it would be fun to go to that someday.

We climbed over the cloud layer...

...and got to take in a pretty sunset on the way home. It had been a fun trip - Austin was very delicious!   :)

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