Thursday, January 27, 2011

Picture of the Day: January 27

Thanks to yesterday's gross wet snow and gusty winds, our backyard is now down one tree! Sometime last night one of our trees decided it had enough and uprooted itself, landing on our fence (and partially in the neighbor's yard). Luckily it didn't break anything, and surprisingly, the fence held!

We walked over and introduced ourselves to the neighbors this morning. "Hi, I'm Sarah, this is Mark, and that's our tree in your yard." They were really cool about it, and since it's not hurting anything where it is (and since our fence needs to be replaced anyway), we'll eventually borrow a chainsaw from one of our other neighbors and chop it all up. I told Mark that we should invite them all over for a 'let's burn the tree that fell in your yard in our firepit' party.

Oops. I'll just go ahead and put that tree anywhere.

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