Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Picture of the Day: January 5

Today gets a few pictures - I got to help with a dog rescue flight! This is N2522F, a Columbia 400. Quite a bit faster (and fancier!) than my plane! At 10,000ft we were showing over 200kts for a ground speed. Not bad for a piston single!

Mike is one of N2522F's three owners. I met him several months ago, and when I mentioned that I was a controller at Potomac he offered to take me flying so I could see what it's like to fly out of one of the MD3 airports. We had originally planned to fly to lunch and back, but at the last minute he got a call to ferry four rescue dogs from KTDF (Person County, NC) to KFDK (Frederick, MD). I didn't have any other plans for the day, so I jumped at the chance to help!

Me, two of the ladies that foster the rescue dogs, and the dogs we flew! Rhonda (on the left) rescues dogs that are scheduled to be euthanized from the kill shelters in NC, then helps find homes for them, which sometimes involves sending them to other rescue organizations. That's where we help!

I swear, if Mark wouldn't have strangled me for bringing home yet another dog, I would have kept this one. He was so sweet and fluffy!!

Everyone loaded up and ready to go. We had taken the backseats out of the plane and put down some blankets so they would have room to spread out.

One of the puppies wanted to help fly. :)

The flight went well! The dogs settled down almost as soon as we took off and slept most of the way. The only bad part of the flight was the landing at KFDK...we blew a tire when we touched down! Luckily Mike was able to get us off the active runway and onto a taxiway. The pilot that was to ferry the dogs up to KLOM (Wings Field in PA) met us on the taxiway, loaded up the dogs, and was on his way. One of the mechanics was still there, thank goodness, and a couple hours later we were on our way back to KVKX with a fresh tire and tube.

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