Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Picture of the Day: March 29

A couple months ago I bought a Living Social deal for Mount Vernon. Since the weather was nice today, Mark and I went!

George Washington had a pretty awesome back porch.

And they actually let you sit there and enjoy it!

Looking out over the Potomac River.

We walked around a bit more once Mark finally pried me out of the chair on the back porch. These are George Washington's sheep.

And this is his dock. Must be nice!

We ran into a LOT of traffic about 2 miles from home; we were stopped on 29S for about 20 minutes before things finally got moving again. Turns out someone flipped a big trailer at the traffic light on our street! It was hard to tell exactly what happened but it didn't look good; they had to bring a Medevac in at one point.

Jen and Bryan came over to hang out after dinner (and brought Jen's dog, Sky, over for a doggy playdate!). Last time I taught her how to make cookies from scratch...this time we made honey wheat bread. :)

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