Monday, March 7, 2011

Picture of the Day: March 7

Today was the Fauquier Community Band's March concert...and it's the first one I haven't played in since I joined! I didn't make any of the recent rehearsals because I've been so tired from work lately. It felt very weird to be sitting in the audience instead of in the first row with the clarinets. My buddy Al joked that I should have just brought my clarinet with me and they could have thrown me in there as a ringer. :)

The last song they played was a medley of Chicago songs. That's our band director, Herb, on the left, rocking out on the bass.

After the concert we all went back to our house and had cake for Mark's birthday (Mark's parents and Granny came down for the night). He got to blow out imaginary candles since we didn't have any real ones.

Mark's parents gave him a finishing sander for his birthday. Since our table needs to be refinished, he tried it out to see how it works. Don't worry're not in the way at all! :)

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