Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Picture of the Day: April 13

Today the Phillies were playing the Nats in DC, so Mark got us tickets and we went to the game! We had really good seats (and I had my telephoto lens) so we got to see the players really well. Our section was great, too...lots of foul balls, and way more Phillies fans then Nats fans. :)

Oh baby...I loooove baseball food. Hot dogs, nachos, and beer.

Jason Werth USED to be a he's a Nat. Boooooo!!

Once Mark realized that I had mostly been taking pictures of the baseball players, um, bending over, I zoomed out a bit. :)

They had the President's Race again. Thomas Jefferson won, but I think they threw the race and let him win just because it was his birthday.

Ryan Howard at bat. Phillies won 3-2! :)

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