Saturday, April 16, 2011

Picture of the Day: April 16

Shortly after I got home from work this afternoon some nasty storms rolled through. This is what a tornado warning looks like!

The clouds were screaming by and the darker stuff looked like it was rotating a bit. Yuck!

A few minutes after the dark clouds rolled past I went outside to see how things looked and noticed that the winds were almost completely calm. I thought nothing of it and went back inside. I was sitting at the kitchen table when it started pouring, and a couple minutes later it got really loud; I looked out the side window and the trees in our side yard were doing some weird swirling dance and the winds were all over the place. I just happened to look out the back door in time to see a tarp, some siding, and part of my neighbor's shed swirling through the air, about 60ft up! It looked exactly like the footage you see with tornadoes with the slow motion rotating was nuts! The shed came down in someone's backyard, and aside from that there didn't seem to be much damage. Crazy crazy!!

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