Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Picture of the Day: April 26

Mark and I had originally planned to hike Old Rag today, but thanks to some thunderstorms we decided to save Old Rag for another day. Instead, we went to Great Falls.

I had no idea the Potomac River was this rough!

One of the trails we hiked was fairly rocky and followed the river downstream.

The views were pretty neat...

...and there were all sorts of flowers along the trail.

I tried to hide in a tiny hole in the rocks, but Mark found me.

Part of the trail goes right down to the water.

It was chilly!

The trail quickly went from the lowest point to the highest point. I got to climb over lots of rocks. Mark laughed at me because every time I was climbing over a tricky part I'd start humming the same song without even realizing it.

The view from one of the higher parts of the trail.

Since we spent so much time climbing over rocks and walking through the woods, we figured we earned some Five Guys!

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