Monday, September 5, 2011

Picture of the Day: September 5

I had the mid last night and Mark was off today, so it was almost like having a full day off together! Since Mark has been talking an awful lot about getting a new couch lately, we decided to head to Fredericksburg to see what they had for Labor Day furniture sales. After a quick stop at Steak N Shake for some tasty burgers, we headed to Value City Furniture. I fell in love with this chair, so we bought it!

We found a great couch, too. This will be the same red color as the chair, which should fit in nicely with our bright blue walls. I've been drooling over these chaise lounge sectionals for a long time, so I can't wait until everything is delivered next week!

Since we were still feeling vaguely ambitious (and Mark is getting sick of me bringing this up every day), we finally finished putting together the bunk bed in the guest room. I love it! We moved the mattress up to the top bunk for now, and we'll be getting a new mattress for the bottom bunk soon. It's nice to make progress on house projects!

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