Sunday, November 20, 2011

Adventures in Iceland! Day Two, Part One

After four refreshing hours of sleep (ha!) we were back up at 7am to head out for a day-long tour. It had snowed on the way back from the Northern Lights tour and everything was very white and dramatic.

Coming back down toward sea level. One of those ridges in the distance is the volcano we went to the night before.

It was neat to see the steam randomly rising from the hills along the side of the road.

Our first stop was Sk√°lholt Cathedral.

The stained glass windows looked really cool.

You could see Hekla, another volcano, out in the distance behind the church...

...horses grazing in a nearby field off to the side...

...and some rather dramatic mountains across the street.

We didn't linger too long at the church,, we were off to Gullfoss!

I loved the colors of this mountain! You could see it out in the distance from the waterfall.

It was so chilly that the mist was freezing on everything it touched.

Including the path. :)

You could see the edge of the glacier from one of the overlooks. Next time, I want to go on one of the glacier expeditions. They actually let you walk on them!

After a short bus ride, we found ourselves at the geysers of Haukadalur.

Litli Geysir is near the front; you can hear it bubbling from the path.

Strokkur is the main attraction, though. It erupts every 5-10 minutes.


They let you stand fairly close to it; it caught us both by surprise the first time it erupted!

We wandered around a bit more...

...then grabbed some lunch in the cafeteria. Mmm, kjotsupa. It's Icelandic meat soup made with carrots, rutabegas, potatoes, and chunks of lamb. I could have eaten a vat of it myself! We shared a super tasty Icelandic donut for dessert. :)

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