Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time to break out the graph paper...

One of the best parts of spring is watching everything bloom in our yard. And since I'm a big macro photography geek, it's good practice so I can stay sharp!

We keep finding ladybugs everywhere. And not just one or two...more like five or six. Inside, even. The dogs keep trying to eat them, but they just hunker down in their little shells and the dogs can't get them to move. I'm not sure how we wound up with all those aphids on our mint, but hopefully the ladybugs will get to work eating them!

The tulips in the front yard bloomed really early with the warm winter we've had...

...and the Japanese maple made it through the winter just fine. If only it would actually get bigger!

A couple weeks ago we finally decided to get rid of the mulberry trees lining our driveway, as well as the apple tree in the backyard and the brush pile behind our shed. It took them two days to do all the work, but before we knew it our yard looked like...

...this! It's so open now...I walked outside and for the first time realized how big our side yard is. The backyard looks naked; the apple tree blocked much of the view of our neighbor's house, but now that's all you see when you walk out the back door. I'm hoping to plant another tree in its place within the next week or two.

We're also thinking about ripping out the stupid concrete pad in the backyard. It's directly out the back door and raised up about 6 inches; I can't stand it. The guy who cut down the trees gave us a quote to remove the concrete pad, so we may be setting aside some money to do that sometime soon. I'd like to put a nice patio made of pavers in its place, complete with built in benches and firepit. I've already started pricing out some options; now I just need to start designing it all! :)

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