Sunday, May 27, 2012

So THAT'S where the aerobatic box is...

I've been away from the airport a little more than usual lately, but a couple weeks ago the weather finally cooperated and I got to spend a full day flying. I didn't have the airport to myself though...I had to share the pattern with a few other pilots.

Other pilots like Sean Tucker...

...and Mike Goulian!!   :)    They were both in town getting ready for the Andrews Airshow, and since Warrenton has an aerobatic box and is just outside the SFRA, it's a great place for them to spend a few days practicing before the show. When I showed up that day, Mike was already in the air, tearing up the box. It was pretty sweet to stand on the ramp at my home airport and basically get a free airshow. (I took this picture from our runup area...he was getting ready to head out for a photo flight.)
Team Oracle's Extra was there, one point Sean Tucker took one of the local news guys up and beat him up a bit.
This may be the closest I've ever been to an Extra. For some reason I always thought that they would be a little unwieldy for someone as small as me, but I got to take a look inside...and I think it would suit me just fine. Maybe someday...?
After flying with a few students and hanging around for a bit to watch the fun, both the airport and the winds died down. Perfect time to go fly my own plane! It had certainly been a while, so I just wanted to run the engine for an hour or so. On the way back to Warrenton I dropped down to about 1000 feet and flew past our house. I managed to get it right between the struts. Mark said he was outside weeding and waved when I flew over, but he must have been in the backyard because I didn't see him.
I made sure to leave time for three takeoffs and landings at the end. It was so nice out, I didn't want to stop!


The next couple weeks are going to be a bit crazy. I have a full schedule at the flight school this week, my violin recital is next weekend, and next week is a six day work week at Potomac due to an RDO Tuesday I'll be heading out to Utah for a few days for my half marathon! I can't believe it's here already. Somewhere in there I need to squeeze in one last long run (hoping for just over 11 miles), clean up the sonata I'll be playing in the recital, try to fly my plane for at least a little while, get my convertible to the shop for new brakes, and get everything packed for my trip. I'll be back that following Sunday afternoon but have to be at work by 10pm Sunday night, so with the double mid I'll be working just before my trip, Utah has turned into a mid sandwich. One thing's for sure...I'll sleep good when it's all over!

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