Sunday, December 23, 2012

October 29th: Lausanne

The weather was a bit better the next day, so after grabbing breakfast in our room we decided to walk into town to see what was open. (With how sore we both were, it was probably a good idea to move around a bit, too!)

We spent most of the morning wandering around shops, being impressed by how expensive everything was, and trying to grab free internet on our phones where we could.

After a little while we stopped in a cafe for some coffee and a fruit tart.

The weather had been so bad the day before that we really had no idea what kind of scenery there was...until we rounded a corner and could see the Alps. Crazy!

After wandering through a few more shops we made our way back to the room, made lunch, did some laundry, and repacked. The internet at the hotel finally starting working, so we were able to get online to get a better idea of what the weather back home was like (answer: not good). We checked with our airlines and found that our flight from Boston to Philly was already canceled, but so far everything else was still on.

Mark and I wanted to at least see a little scenery with the couple hours we had left, so he suggested that we drive out to the turnaround point for the marathon.

There was a small park right on the lake, so we parked and walked down to the water.

I really liked this bench; I wish it had been warmer so I could have sat there for a while!

The sun eventually went down, so we drove back to the hotel to finish packing and watch some more storm coverage.

I can't say I was the biggest fan of Switzerland. It rubbed me the wrong way from the start with the Spanish Inquisition when we crossed the border, and between the food poisoning, standoffishness from almost everyone we talked to (even with us speaking French), lack of promised internet at the hotel, painful race, and worrying about the hurricane back home I just didn't enjoy it as much as the rest of the trip. It was a really pretty country, but now that I've been there once I don't think I'll be in a hurry to go back. I told Mark before we went to bed that last night that as long as we got out of Switzerland I didn't care where we got stuck - Dublin, Boston, whatever. I was just done with the country.

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