Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Throwback Thursday, Week One (Five days late. Oops!)

So my Picture of the Day project fizzled out a few weeks before the end of 2013. I'm not going to lie and backdate pictures to try to make it look like I finished; I got sidetracked with editing pictures from Las Vegas and California and missed a few days, then got even more sidetracked by being a bit too ambitious with homemade Christmas cards and gifts, and by that point I had missed too many days to reasonably catch up. Life happens. Oh well. (And I will eventually have a post to at least show the pictures that I did take over the holidays.) One of my goals for this coming year is to be nicer to myself, and dismissing my Picture of the Day project without finishing is one of the ways I'm going to start working toward that goal.

I'm still going to use this blog on a regular basis to keep track of my travels (and I have some exciting trips coming up this year...so far I have 6 trips planned, including 4 that will take me overseas) and other random things I do, but another one of my projects for the year is scanning all of the random pictures I have floating around. I'm going to use these for a new fun project: Throwback Thursdays. Anything is fair game, and I'll try to stick to pictures that I like that just didn't make the cut in other posts or Facebook photo albums.

So, to kick things off, here's the first picture!

According to my mom's note on the back, I was 3 years old in this picture. Clearly, I was a fashionista even then. I have no idea why I was wearing a paper bag. I think the tan lines on my legs were a nice touch.  :)

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