Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 4th: Back to the East Coast

By the time Mark and I woke up the next morning, Jen had already taken Mike to the airport and was heading out for a short run. Mark and I didn't have to leave for a few hours, but since we were both still a bit tired and had some packing to do we decided to have a lazy morning and took our time getting ready. We head breakfast, eventually finished packing, and hung out with Jen and her mom for a bit. After a while it was time to go, so we said goodbye (for now!) and made our way through security for our flight.

We grabbed a sandwich at the airport, boarded our flight, then...

...said goodbye to San Diego. We'll be back again!!

As much as I wanted to stay awake for the first part of the flight so I could check out the scenery I just couldn't keep my eyes open and passed out almost as soon as we took off. I woke up a little while later and at least got to see this much!

We also flew over some snow-covered mountains; again, I'm not sure where this was.

I'm not sure if it was for weather or what, but we wound up flying all the way up to Chicago on our way back. The clouds over Lake Michigan looked really neat.

We kept flying east, then after a while made a big sweeping turn to the left. I knew something was up when we started heading west, and a few minutes later the captain announced that we were holding because of storms at the airport. I swear, anytime it storms the weather always sits right on top of Dulles.

Honestly, I was okay with not flying through that stuff...it didn't look very nice. We only had to hold for about twenty minutes, then we were cleared to the airport and landed only a little bit later than scheduled.

Overall we had a really good trip! The race went better than I expected, I had a lot of fun flying, we now have a Canadian pilot buddy, and it was great to get to see Jen again and spend a few days playing tourist with her. I can't wait to go back sometime!

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