Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 15th: Off to Toronto!

It had been a whole month and a half since my last trip (and two and a half months since my last flight on an airliner), so it was clearly time for another trip! This time Mark and I had a whole week off together for a change. We had originally planned to go to Norway for the week, but as we started planning things out it was pretty clear that we needed more than a week to see everything we wanted to check out. We decided to save Norway for another time and came up with a different plan: Canada! It would be cheaper, closer (which meant drastically less time spent on planes), and in our time zone, so no jet lag. We planned to start in Toronto, then head to Montreal halfway through the week. (I'm actually writing this post from the airport in Montreal, waiting to board my flight back to DC.)

We were able to get a direct flight out of DCA (my airport!). The only tricky part was remembering to drive PAST the exit for Dulles on the way to the airport.

We departed to the south and turned out to the right, which gave us a great view of DC on our way north.

The flight was less than an hour and a half, and after all of the longer flights I've taken this year it seemed like we were barely off the ground when it was time to land again. We zipped through Customs, got our bags really fast, then spent probably a solid half hour trying to figure out where the heck the rental car place was. We eventually found the shuttle, got our rental car, and made our way into the city.

This trip was our first time trying Airbnb and I think we made out really well! We were renting a small apartment in downtown Toronto. We met up with Melanie, who owns the apartment; she gave us the keys, got us all set up, then headed out. We passed out shortly after she left; we had both worked the mid the night before, plus we had to get up pretty early the next morning for some fun adventures we had planned.

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