Friday, October 17, 2014

September 18th: Last Day in Toronto

We didn't have anything specific planned for the next day, so we slept in a bit before heading out for breakfast. Mark read about a good cafe over near OCAD University (Ontario College of Art and Design), so we decided to check it out.

This building is nuts! It's part of OCAD, and the building is several stories off the ground and supported with all different colored columns.

We grabbed breakfast at the cafe (which was fantastic - anyplace that serves garlic fries for breakfast is a winner in my book), then spent most of the morning wandering through shops and drinking coffee. We made a quick stop back at the apartment to drop some things off, then headed back out to check out the CN Tower.

The view from the tower is great! The observation pod is somewhere around 1130' up, so you can see the whole city.

Mark and I spent a good bit of our time watching planes taking off and landing at the Toronto City Airport.

The CN Tower also has a section with a glass floor. CREEPY. Even though I had read about how the glass is made and how safe it is and there's no way you can fall through it, it still took me a few minutes to get the nerve to walk out there. Most of the people walking on the glass floor were walking like real goobers, so I definitely wasn't the only one who was a bit freaked out by it. Nothing like looking 1122' straight down!

The observation deck wraps all the way around the pod. Supposedly you can even see Niagara Falls if the weather is really clear.

Mark and I had bought tickets to go to the SkyPod, which is even higher at 1465'.

...and of course, we spent more time watching the planes. We were higher than pattern altitude, which was pretty cool. That Cessna over the numbers was doing pattern work, so we watched them for a little while.

We eventually made our way back down to the street. Goodbye, CN Tower!

We were pretty hungry after we finished up at the CN Tower, and we really lucked out - we came across a place that sold meat pies and flat whites! It was like being back in New Zealand for a minute. We inhaled a couple meat pies, then stopped back at the pub we'd been to the day before for some drinks and strawberry shortcake. We were really just trying to kill time until the box office opened at the Princess of Wales Theatre; I had seen signs that The Book of Mormon had just gotten to town and I was hoping that they might have some last minute tickets open for that night. We got to the box office shortly after they opened and we were in luck...we managed to get ninth row seats!!

We still had a few hours before we needed to get ready for the show, so we wandered out to the Distillery District (with a short detour through the St. Lawrence Market...if we hadn't just eaten I would have been inhaling everything there). There are lots of neat shops and art galleries in the Distillery District, so we spent some time window shopping before making our way back to the apartment.

Since meat pies are super delicious, we decided to have them for dinner, too. We took them back to the apartment, got cleaned up, and walked over to the theater. The show was hilarious! It was written by the guys who do South Park and I think I laughed through the entire thing. We stopped at a bar after the show for some drinks and snacks, then went back to the apartment to grab some sleep. It was a great last night in Toronto; I'd definitely like to come back someday. As nice as it would have been to stay longer, we had other to Montreal in the morning!

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