Saturday, January 31, 2015

December 4th: Worst. Airline. Ever.

We thankfully had some time to sleep in the next morning since our flight didn't leave until the afternoon. We had a lazy morning and eventually made our way down to the breakfast buffet to stuff ourselves one last time, then played a bit more video roulette before heading back up to the room to pack up our stuff.

No fountain shows in the morning, but we did get to watch the daily fountain ops check. Notice the lovely weather in the background.

We checked out, tossed our stuff in the car, and played a few more rounds of video roulette (and managed to stuff ourselves with a bit of gelato) before it was time to leave. The trip to the airport was fast and we turned in our rental car right about the same time that I got a flight status email from Southwest that our flight home was going to be delayed three hours. We weren't exactly happy about that, but it would still put us back at our house in time to get some sleep before our Friday evening shifts. One of the Hertz guys offered to give us a ride over to the terminal in the Mustang, which was really nice, and he dropped us off right at the Southwest area. The not-so-nice part was waiting for us inside. The lines were poorly labeled, so it took a few minutes of confusion to figure out that we needed to reprint our boarding passes. We found a kiosk, entered our ticket info...and found out that our flight was outright canceled.

F*** you, Southwest.

I honestly don't know why I expected to actually get to a destination on a flight that I paid for, since Southwest's business model seems to revolve around booking flights to capacity and then canceling them at the slightest whim. I know that part of why it was canceled was the low ceiling at LAS, but since this was the second trip in a row that I've tried to fly them and they totally screwed me over yet again, I was not feeling very forgiving. In total, they've cost me FOUR extra days of leave from work over the past year due to canceled flights and messed up two different trips. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Mark was pretty pissed when we found out the flight was canceled, but I had seen it coming as soon as I got the email about the flight being delayed, so I did the talking at the ticket counter. Since there were no more flights leaving that day, we opted for the first flight out the next day at 6am, since that would give them the entire night to figure out how to get an airplane to the airport. We lost our direct flight and wound up with a connection, which would put us back in Virginia too late to get to work for our Friday eve shifts. The guy at the ticket counter offered us a coupon for a cheaper rate at a nearby hotel, but some quick research on our phone showed that it wasn't very nice so we quickly decided against it. A flurry of phone calls and emails to work and our dog sitter later, we decided to grab a cab back to the Bellagio and try our luck with reception.

The view from our new room at the Bellagio. The lady at reception gave us a great rate on the room!

Mark was still pretty mad, but I figured screw it: we got stuck here an extra night and there's nothing we can do to get home earlier, so we might as well just enjoy the extended vacation. We wandered over to the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, where I drooled over some expensive handbags and we both did a little damage at Gap.

Forum Shops. This place was like a maze!

We stopped to see the fountain show again on our way back and it wound up being one of the best ones of the week.

After dropping our stuff off at the room, we went back to the buffet for dinner. The food was great, though in hindsight, I should have left a few things off my plate. We played even more video roulette, and ended the night with fancy whiskey drinks and a cheese plate at a piano bar near the lobby. For not planning on still being in Vegas, we certainly had a good time!

They had finally finished the Christmas display, too! There were people all over the place now that it was open, but we pushed our way through and walked all around.

They had a train with a video camera running around one of the trees.

Penguins! I think they moved.

We stayed out a little later than we meant to since the alarm was set for 3am to catch our flight. Hopefully we'd be heading home in the morning!

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