Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Flying Recap

Total hours flown in February: 0
Total hours flown year to date: 12.3

This month didn't exactly go the way I'd hoped, to say the least! I got sick, we got a new puppy (which I'll have a post about soon), and we're in the middle of ripping up and redoing most of our living room (which I'll also have a post about soon), so I was thrown off my normal schedule a bit. It seemed like when I had time to fly the weather was awful, and when I didn't have time to fly the weather was great. Oh well. I had figured that I'd have some low (or no) flying months in the winter, so I'll adjust accordingly and fly a whole bunch once the weather improves.

Also, this nice snow barrier in front of my hangar a couple weeks ago may have had something to do with why I didn't fly in February. It was nice crunchy ice-covered snow. Fun.

This was the ramp that day. Supposedly there was a path out to the runway. I didn't really feel like doing some off-roading with my C172 to find out.

A couple buddies helped me clean the snow out from in front of my hangar a few days ago. It snowed again since, but I think it's mostly melted now so I should be able to get the planes out just fine. Now I just need the weather to improve!

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