Monday, April 6, 2015

March Flying Recap

Total hours flown in March: 2.1
Total hours flown year to date: 14.4

Another almost non-existent flying month again, for a number of reasons. Mark's parents came down for the better part of a week to help finish the living room (blog post coming soon!), I worked some overtime, the weather didn't cooperate, and I've just been so darn tired lately. I've been ending almost every week with an overnight shift, which knocks me out of flying for at least two days each week because of how much it messes up my sleep schedule. Oh well. I'm way behind in my target hours for the year, but I still have time to catch up. Better weather is coming!

March 12th: 2.1 in the C172
I snuck out with Dave before a Thursday eve shift and did a quick trip to Farmville (FVX) and back for a touch and go. The landing at FVX was great, but the one back at HWY left a bit to be desired; I should have been more aggressive correcting for the 14kt crosswind. Oh well...the plane is reusable, so it wasn't that bad.

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