Sunday, May 10, 2015

April Flying Recap

Total hours flown in April: 6.7
Total hours flown year to date: 21.1

I figured this might be a light flying month, considering the half marathon I ran and some overtime that I worked. It wound up being a little lighter than I hoped even with factoring those things in, but I at least got a couple flights in!

April 1st: 2.0 in the C172
Mark and I flew down to Chesterfield (FCI) to check out their buffet lunch. It was good (and cheap)! They had a decent selection, including a few desserts, and the bread pudding was especially good. As a nice wakeup call as we were approaching the airport, I came the closest I've ever come to hitting a bird (and it was a BIG one!). I saw it and turned to avoid it, but it turned to avoid me and we were both pointing at the same point in space. I had to bank pretty aggressively to miss it and wound up watching it zip past the wing, less than 50 feet away. Fun. At least I wasn't picking feathers out of a hole in the wing!

April 26th: 0.7 in the C172.
Even more impressive, I did this local solo flight on a Sunday afternoon after a quickturn! I haven't done that in a few years. My mechanic had been trying to troubleshoot a slow fuel leak and I wanted to test-fly the plane to see if it was fixed. No leaks! (Possibly because it was only half tanks when I took off...)

April 29th: 4.0 in the C172.
Mark and I flew to NJ to fly a small Boston Terrier for a Pilots N Paws flight and have lunch with my mom for her birthday. You can read all about this flight in my previous blog post. It was really fun!

At a third of the way through the year, I'm nowhere near where I hoped I'd be as far as hitting my 240 hours total time goal for the year. In theory, I should be somewhere around 80 hours flown to date for the year, while in reality I've just barely topped 20. I'm not giving up yet, though! At this point, I need to fly an average of 27.5 hours per month to reach the goal. It's ambitious, but not impossible. As I write this, the C172 is back in the shop for a new master switch and some more fuel leak troubleshooting, but it will hopefully be back in time for a short trip we have planned. I'm also hoping to get my sleep sorted out again soon (I'm writing this on my break as I work an overtime mid, which, while great for my wallet, isn't so great for being well-rested), and if I can find a day where the winds are light, I'm looking forward to knocking the rust off my taildragger skills and getting my C120 back in the air again.

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