Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Arsenal of Democracy, Part Two

They did the flyovers in the order they'd appear during the actual show in DC. I don't have all of them here, but if you want to see more pictures, you can check out my Facebook album here.

The small trainers were up first. They were basically Piper Cubs.

The Stearman flight...

...was followed by the T-6 flight. It was fun to watch everyone do flight breaks at the end.

Beech AT-11

The PBY flew by shortly after. Someone was waving from one of the observation pods!

The P-40s were followed by...

...the P-38. It has such a cool silhouette.   :)

The large bombers were based out of Manassas (HEF), but they flew down for the rehearsal, too. It was really cool to see them appear from behind the trees! The B-24 got a P-51 escort.

Man, the Merlin engines have such a nice sound...

They had two B-17s.

The PBY was back on the ground by this point. These guys had great seats to watch the rest of the show!

The B-29 looked especially cool flying over at pattern altitude.

There were a few Corsairs...

...and they wrapped everything up with a Missing Man formation.

As the various carrier planes came back, they all folded up their wings.

What a cool experience!!

They live-streamed the actual flyover as it came through downtown DC and over the National Mall. I spent the morning watching it on my computer, and as the last few formations were flying over DC, I heard a rumbling outside. I looked out my window and the earlier flights were all flying overhead, returning to CJR! It was really cool to be able to watch the flyover live while formations of B-25s and T-6s flew right over my house.   :)

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