Sunday, June 14, 2015

May Flying Recap

Total hours flown in May:13.6
Total hours flown year to date: 34.7

May 12th: 1.3 in the C172
Mark and I flew down to W24 (Falwell) and spent the day (and night) in Lynchburg. This airport had one of the most fun runways I've ever landed on.

May 13th: 3.9 in the C172
Mark and I flew from W24 to BKW (Beckley, WV), then on to FFT (Frankfort, KY). Slooooow first leg with mountain waves and crazy scenery, and slightly faster second leg with some bumps.

May 14th: 0.6 in the C172
Shortest leg of the trip! We made a short hop over to JVY (Clark Regional, in Indiana), then spent the rest of the day hanging out in Louisville, KY. We got a great view of the Kentucky State Capitol Building right after takeoff out of Frankfort.

May 15th: 3.7 in the C172
Time to head home! Made a quick stop at I18 (Jackson County, WV), then flew home to HWY. We spent most of the flight listening to music; turns out the iPod jack works! You can read more about the flights from this trip in my previous blog posts.

May 19th: 1.0 in the C172
We took our friends Scott and Von for a sightseeing flight out toward the mountains, then a bit out to the south before returning to HWY. Scott is a controller, too, and works in the same area as Mark, so we showed him some of the airspace he works. This was fun, too, because it was the first time I'd flown the plane loaded to just under max gross weight (and yes, I ran a full weight and balance problem to make sure it was within limits!), and it took a hilariously long amount of time to get fast enough to get off the ground, to the point that I thought maybe my airspeed indicator was stuck. The plane still handled fine, though.

May 26th: 3.1 in the C172
Mark and I flew to CGE (Cambridge, MD) for lunch since we finally had a free day with good weather when the diner would actually be open. Turns out they were randomly closed anyway for the Memorial Day holiday, so we hopped up to ESN (Easton, MD) and had lunch there. It was kind of windy and bumpy, but I got two stamps for my MD airport passport and we saw an eagle between CGE and ESN, so that was cool.

I also got to host an event in my hangar this month! A group called Girls in Technology came out to the airport for a tour. We started in my hangar with a PowerPoint presentation, then split into groups. Doris talked them through a preflight on one of the flight school planes, Dave took them to the maintenance hangar, and I took them back to the classroom and talked about airspace and ATC. It was a lot of fun, and now I know we can easily fit 50 people in my hangar!    :)

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