Saturday, August 1, 2015

July Flying Recap

Total hours flown in July: 0
Total hours flown year to date: 46.7

Well, this is going to be a very easy post to write. There was NO flying in July! I didn't really expect that of a summer month, but I also didn't expect a handful of seemingly straightforward squawks to snowball and ground my C172 for a full month. I tried to schedule a lesson in the C120 to get tailwheel current again, but the timing didn't quite work out, and I got the C172 back just in time to go out of town and not have time to fly it. Between the thunderstorms and the humidity, a broken airplane, and a lot more overtime than usual, it was a pretty frustrating month. You can't win them all, though, and at this point I'm just looking forward to getting back in the air again and moving forward.

I did at least get to help with an airport tour for the local Boys and Girls Club in early July. Dave talked to them about what they do at the airport, and I talked to them about the different parts of an airplane and how planes fly. We let the kids take turns sitting in my C120; it was a lot of fun to talk to them and hear their questions.

"What happens if your engine quits when you're over the ocean?"

"Did you know some airplanes have guns they use to shoot other airplanes?"

"Does your airplane have a name? You should name it Air King."

It was especially fun to get on the bus at the very end so they could all yell, "THANK YOU, MISS SARAH!!" before they left.  :)

Next month's recap will hopefully have a lot more flying in it! I have a few fun things planned this coming month, and if the weather cooperates it should be one of my higher-time months of the year. We'll see!

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