Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Walk In a Park and a Loooong Time in the Air

I slept pretty bad again, but at least it was the last night I'd have to sleep in the Hilton's rock-hard bed. Our flight was scheduled to leave in the afternoon, but we had a couple hours to spare so we grabbed breakfast in the hotel, finished packing, and hopped on the metro.

A short metro ride and walk later, we were at Tantobadet. It's a neat little beach in a park right in the city. There was a path along the water, so we walked for a while.

The bridge looked really dramatic.   :)     We passed a few people walking their dogs, and took a couple minutes to check out the playground. (It had a small trampoline built into the ground. Fun!) We couldn't stay too long, but it was a nice peaceful way to start a long travel day.

We eventually left the park, took the metro back to the hotel, and checked out. Time to head home!

It really wasn't bad to take the train to the airport, even with all of our bags. Mark got randomly selected for bomb checks again, which he wasn't happy about, but aside from that we had no problem getting to the airport and off the ground, Sweden was great...I'm sure we'll get back there someday!  :)

 We flew Icelandair back from Stockholm and connected in Keflavik. Customs went a lot faster since they didn't seem to be striking again, and we had enough time to stop in the duty-free store for some Iceland birch liqueur before heading to our gate, We would have grabbed something for lunch, too, but there were so many people in the snack line that we just got sandwiches on the plane instead.

 I happened to look out the window while I was eating my sandwich and saw that we were flying over Greenland. I'm not sure if we were further north than normal, but it looked especially dramatic.

It was really cool to see where the water was freezing, and you could see part of the ice cap in the distance, too. Really, I will get to Greenland one of these times.

We made it back to Dulles, through customs, and home to the dogs just fine. It was a really nice trip!  :)

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