Monday, December 28, 2015

A Snowy Coastal Drive

One of the best parts about having our own rental car and making our own schedule was not having to get up to meet a bus at any certain time. We eventually got up and went back to grab some breakfast at the buffet.

I know it's dark outside, but it was already 8am. Sunrise wasn't until 10 something!

After breakfast we stopped in the lounge...

...then went up to the observatory to check out the view before packing up and checking out. The Northern Light Inn was great - I'd gladly stay there again!

Our hotel for the next part of the trip was a couple hours to the east, but we had all day to get there. We decided to do some sightseeing first via the road that follows the coast to the east.

Bye, Grindavik!

The clouds were pretty low, but started to break up a bit as we drove on.

After a little while, the road paralleled the ocean.

The road was just a little snowy at times.   :)    We only saw a couple other cars out here, and they were just starting to plow some sections of the road after the previous day's snowstorm. Good thing we had an SUV!

The scenery was pretty great, though, so it was worth the snowy drive.

After a little while we turned off the coastal road to head inland. Every once in a while we would pass fields of horses.

There were so few cars on the road...we would go miles and miles without seeing another car.

I passed the time by taking LOTS of pictures and enjoying the scenery.   :)

After a couple hours we were getting close to our first stop. You could see all the steam from Geysir in the distance; it completely covered the road as we drove past.

A few minutes after passing Geysir, we reached Gulfoss. If the GPS had its way we would have driven straight across the waterfall, but we decided to stop in the parking lot instead. More pictures in the next post!

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