Saturday, September 17, 2016

August 17th: Popham Beach

So, in hindsight, maybe bar hopping until midnight the night before hadn't been the best idea. We only had one day left in Maine, though, so we dragged ourselves out of bed, had some coffee and breakfast, and hopped in the car for the drive north.

This was the view from their rental house. It was just a few houses down from the rental house we stayed in a number of years ago. It was neat to see the lobster boats again!

Everyone eventually got their stuff together and we all piled into the camper for the short drive to Popham Beach. We rode past the campground on the way; it was completely empty, which was really weird to see. (The campground that Mark's family had stayed at every year was sold to developers earlier this year, I think. Boo!!) We parked at Percy's, piled out of the camper, set up the beach chairs, and went for a walk.

Ah...beach!!   :)

It was really nice to be back.

The beach curves around after a while, so we walked out that way. You could just see people over at the state park in the distance.

Rudy especially liked running through the waves to get his stick.

 The waves seemed a bit higher than normal...

...but it was still nice to walk along the edge of the water.

The clouds made everything look really dramatic.

Mark and I spent a while looking for sand dollars but didn't have much luck.

We eventually wandered back toward the fort...

...and grabbed some lunch at Percy's. My lobster quesadilla was HUGE. (And delicious.)

We hung out on the beach for a while after lunch. A few of them started to play bocce, and I wandered off to go for a walk.

It was pretty windy; you could see (and feel) the sand blowing down the beach when the wind gusted.

It was still really pretty, though. I walked back down to where the beach bends around and started to look for sand dollars since the tide was going out.

Mark wandered down after a little while, too. One of the sandbars started to appear as the tide went out, so we decided to see how far out we could get.

Mark made it pretty far out.   :)    (The water was actually only up to my knees by then.)

We walked around for a while...

...before eventually heading back to Percy's.

The tide was so low that you could walk all the way out to the island. Those people in the distance went a lot further out than we did!

We wandered back down to Percy's, met up with everyone else, and grabbed some ice cream before hopping in the camper for the short drive back to the house. It had been nice to visit Popham, even if it was only for a little while!

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