Saturday, September 3, 2016

July 25th Continued: More Airshow, and a Fun Evening Surprise

Gene Soucy flew after the seaplanes finished up...

...then a few more warbirds flew by.

Kent Pietsch flew again, too. The smoke changed colors as he flew, which was really neat.

He finished up by landing on top of a truck. It took him two tries because it was pretty windy, so it was especially impressive when he touched down!

Greg Shelton and Ashley Key did a wingwalking routine. She started in the wing struts...

then wound up on top of the wing.

Rob Holland flew his routine. It was insane...he did some crazy things with that airplane.

The Aeroshell Aerobatic Team finished up the afternoon airshow. They're always so photogenic!

A bunch of the other airshow planes taxied right past us while they were flying.

The clouds made for an especially nice backdrop.   :)

We met up with Jen after the airshow and made our way to the stage.

Third Eye Blind was playing the opening night concert!

We hung out for a few songs before Jen had to head out. Mark and I grabbed some dinner, then decided to wander around a bit more. Turns out Jen should have tried to stay longer...

...they were doing a balloon glow that night!

They had a bunch of hot air balloons set up at airshow center. They were tethered in place, and we caught them just as they were inflating them all.

It looked really cool as it started to get a little darker and you could see the balloons all lit up from the flames.   :)

We had also noticed that there weren't any more planes in the air, even though the airport was still open. We could see something on the runway in the distance but couldn't tell what it was. We found out later that the A-26 Invader had landed with the nose gear stuck up and was stuck on the runway. Everyone was ok, at least, but that sucked!

The balloons, though, were fantastic, so we spent a little while walking around to check them out.

So pretty.   :)

We hung out by the balloons for a little while before making our way back to our campsite. Hector came over for some more tasty drinks, then we eventually grabbed showers and went to bed. It had been a really fun day!

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