Friday, December 23, 2016

November 8th: A Very High Tea

We had a few things planned for our last full day in the city, so we started it off right...

 ...with a really tasty room service breakfast. And then a massage at the spa. And hanging out in the hot tub and saunas. I really wouldn't mind starting more days like that! I would have stayed in the relaxation area of the spa all day, but we had an appointment to keep.

A short taxi ride, some wandering and waiting, and a very big elevator ride later... was time for tea at At.mosphere at the Burj Khalifa!  :)

We had booked a window seat, and at over 1400 feet up, the view was pretty incredible. You can just see the World Islands in the distance.

The food was pretty incredible, too. There were several courses of snacks and treats and such. These tiny sandwiches were especially delicious.

When we weren't stuffing ourselves with tea, snacks, and champagne, we were drooling over the views.

This was the view from the ladies room.

That's our hotel waaaaay down there. Our room is somewhere on the far right side of the picture, overlooking the water.

We eventually got to the fancy pastry dessert course. We were both getting pretty full, but everything looked so amazing.

We did our best. Thank goodness my dress didn't have an actual waistband.

We eventually finished up and grabbed one last look at the views. The wind had shifted shortly after we arrived and some of the haze had cleared out, so you could just see the Burj Al Arab, the Palm, and Dubai Marina off in the distance. We made our way back down to the lobby, grabbed a taxi back to our hotel, and hung out in the room for a little while to try to stave off the food coma.

We ventured back out a little while later and decided to go for a walk around the Burj Khalifa lake. There were pretty sweet views from almost anywhere.

There was a really nice park on one side of the water, and lots of people were hanging out in the grass. We walked around it...

...and eventually wound up right at the base of the Burj Khalifa. Did I mention that it's huge? Because it is. (And at 2700', it's currently the tallest building in the world.)

We eventually made our way all the way around the lake. The sun was starting to set and it was almost time for the fountain shows to start, so we grabbed a drink at Fai to kill a little time, then staked out a spot at the railing and waited for it to get dark.

These little boats cruised back and forth on the water; I can't imagine what one of the fountain shows must have been like from one of those!

We got to see the light show again...

...and the fountain show, too.

You could see the Opera House across the water. We tried to get there when we walked around the lake earlier but it was blocked by construction barriers.

We hung out for a few of the shows...

...then made our way back to the room and watched a few more shows from our balcony in between packing.

We weren't exactly starving after everything we ate at tea, but I wanted to snack on something so I ordered some fries and a glass of wine from room service. I'm a classy lady.   :)

I ate my snacks out on the balcony, caught one last show, then went inside and finished packing. If it was up to me we would have stayed longer, but our flight home was first thing the next morning. At least we had a fun last day in Dubai!

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