Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Picture of the Day: March 20th to March 26th

March 20th: I had another day shift this Monday, but at least it didn't leave me wanting to strangle everybody by the time I got home. Maybe the double drinks, junk food, and TV in the evening helped a bit.

March 21st: I finally got back in the air! Good new is my oil leak is fixed, bad news is one of my nav lights is burned out. Buuuut, it turns out that's one of the repairs that owners are allowed to do, so I won't have to pay the shop to replace a light bulb for me. The bulb is on its way, so I should be back in the air again soon (and at $3.35 for the bulb, for much cheaper than if I'd had the shop fix it!).   :)

March 22nd: We tried another new recipe today; Mark made risotto from scratch. It turned out really good! There was parmesan and mascarpone in the risotto itself, and we topped it with some prosciutto that we baked in the over for a few minutes. *drool*

March 23rd: I've been learning a bit more about shooting pictures in a different file format, so I practiced a bit on some of the stuff around my office. It might be a busy day in Lego City, but Successful Lego Business Lady doesn't mind.   :)

March 24th: I thought it looked a little gloomy outside when I woke up, and no wonder! We live right where that little blue dot is in front of the weather.

March 25th: I worked a 10 hour day to build up a little credit time to use later, but I definitely made good use of my time after work. Drove home with the convertible top down, ate dinner and drank whiskey on the front porch, and played with the doggies in the backyard. The weather was gorgeous!

March 26th: Mark said we needed to stop at Harris Teeter on the way home from work to pick up lettuce and gum. I don't know about him, but I have absolutely no willpower when I'm this tired. By the time we left we had spent over $100 and I had stuffed my belly with free samples. Oops.

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