Sunday, April 2, 2017

Picture of the Day: March 27th to April 2nd

 March 27th: It's time to really start focusing on my Women Can Fly event coming up in June. I spent part of the afternoon sipping on an iced coffee, watching American Ninja Warrior on Hulu, and inventorying all of the folders I had left over from last year.

 March 28th: Time to start knocking things off my hangar to-do list! Cleaning the belly of my C172 has apparently been sitting on the list for a little too long. Yuck! (Though it'll be interesting to see if I pick up any speed once it's all clean...)

 March 29th: I spent part of the day getting some more stuff done at the airport, then Mark and I had mint juleps and some tostitos and salsa on the front porch. Aside from the random rainy days, the weather lately has been gorgeous.

March 30th: I spent a little time today cleaning up my desk in my office. Mark bought me these when I was sick last month; the little dragon guy sticks his tongues out when you squeeze him, and the heart makes a jingly noise when you move it.

 March 31st: Back out to the hangar in the morning before work to get a few more things done. It was POURING and there was already a lot of water that had seeped under the door. Mark helped me brush some of the water back out.

 April 1st: Much better weather after work today, so we spent part of the afternoon in Old Town Culpeper, visiting a couple places that aren't open during the week. Mark was a little bummed that the magnolia tree he liked didn't have any flowers left, but it was still a nice afternoon.

April 2nd: We have company for the next few days! Zach is visiting to help me get some stuff sorted out in my hangar (and to hang out and drink whiskey and go adventuring, of course). We had some cheese and baguette and apples for a snack before dinner.

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