Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Picture of the Day: July 10th to July 16th

July 10th: Mark and I both had day shifts today, and by the end of the day we were definitely ready to welcome our weekend by enjoying some of our "collectible glassware" that Mark got shipped over from Japan. (Their words, not mine!)

July 11th: Today marked 18 years of flying for me! I went out for a short solo flight in the morning to celebrate.  :)

July 12th: I went up for a short flight again today, and this time, got to take one of our line guys with me. William got his license years ago but hasn't flown in a while, and it was really cool to let him get some hands on time again. I think he held altitude better than me!

July 13th: While I was out goofing around at the airport on Tuesday, our window guys were at the house installing new windows in our kitchen. They turned out really nice! We replaced the window on the left side, near the table, and put in a completely new window, too (the one behind the counter). It really opens the room up; it looks a lot better.

July 14th: Fun weather night at work tonight, but I still somehow managed to get to go home on time. I had changed to a 12-8 shift for the day, since I had plans early the next morning. It was kind of weird to be going home while it was still light out!

July 15th: I was originally supposed to fly up to NJ today to help with a Young Eagles event, but low ceilings in Delaware threw a wrench into that plan. I waited as long as I could to see if the ceilings would improve on either of the routes I could have taken, but no such luck. I still had the day off from work, though, and the ceilings were fine down by me, so I took advantage of it with a flight over into the valley nearby, then spent some time organizing my toolbox a bit. Progress!

July 16th: Day/mid today, and sleep in between. By the time I went on break on the mid, all of the little debrief rooms had already been taken (as was the break room), so I wound up spending my break in the room where they keep all the computer equipment to run the lab simulations. Nowhere near my first choice, but I was at least able to get some stuff done on my computer.

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