Sunday, July 23, 2017

Picture of the Day: July 17th to July 23rd

July 17th: We're finally starting to get a couple things here and there from our garden. This was the first cherry tomato; it was delicious.

July 18th: We had lots of storms rolling around in the afternoon, but they all managed to miss us. At least they looked neat.

July 19th: The weather finally cooperated and I got to fly down to Blue Ridge (MTV - near Martinsville, VA) to meet up with Dave for lunch! We've been trying to do this flight for a couple months now. I brought Mark, Dave brought Debby and his friend Mike, and we all stuffed our faces and had fun catching up. It was a really nice day.   :)

July 20th: Our fig tree is getting huge. It's going to be fun to figure out how to pick the figs that grow in the middle; I'm going to have to climb into the tree to reach them all.

July 21st: I was Captain Ambitious today and used every second of free time I had before working an eve shift. Made turkey meatball soup, put together a batch of chicken pot pies, and still made it to work on time. Success!

July 22nd: Mark got some new floor mats for my Mustang. I drove it for a little while in the morning before work; it handles really well now that we've basically replaced what feels like the entire suspension and half of the stuff under the hood.

July 23rd: One of the bigger tomatoes in our garden is starting to finally turn red. I'm really looking forward to eating it!

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