Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Picture of the Day: July 3rd to July 9th

July 3rd: Our hydrangea is starting to flower in the backyard.

July 4th: I met up with my buddy Bob and we took the RV-8 out for a bit. We had originally planned to fly over to the Eastern Shore, but a few storms started popping up so we turned around. This storm was dumping a lot of rain on Fredericksburg as we flew past.

July 5th: We finally got the Mustang back from the shop. It's nice to have all of my toys back in the hangar!

July 6th: Our fig tree is getting pretty big.

July 7th: We're having a couple windows replaced next week, and we decided to add a new window in the kitchen, too. One of the guys stopped by today to cut the hole in the wall to see what electrical stuff might need to be moved.

July 8th: Mark was washing my car when I got home from work. It's so shiny now.  :)

July 9th: Our garden is still doing really well; I think the fence is making a huge difference.

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