Sunday, May 20, 2018

Quick Trip in an RV-8

Back in February, I spent an evening airport hopping with my buddy Bob. I wound up taking so many pictures that I figured it should be its own post!

Bob occasionally flies his friend's RV-8. It won an award at Oshkosh a number of years ago, and I always feel lucky when I get to tag along for a flight.

Someday I will hopefully have an airplane with this label inside, too.  :)

The weather that day was absolutely gorgeous; you could see all of the ridges perfectly clear out in the distance. Bob put on some 70's funk music through the intercom, and we cruised off to the south.

Bob had planned a round robin flight that stopped at several airports along the way. First up was Louisa County (LKU). Bob ducked down for a touch and go, then climbed back out and turned to the east.

We flew down around Lake Anna. The air was perfectly smooth, and the sun reflecting off the lake was really pretty.

We eventually looped back up to the north and headed for Orange County (OMH). Aside from the skydiving plane that was climbing out with a sunset load of jumpers, we were the only ones around.

Honestly, everyone else was missing out. The scenery was fantastic. Bob ducked down for another touch and go, then we climbed out and headed north.

We stopped by Culpeper (CJR) for one more touch and go as the sun dipped below the mountains.

It was a pretty sweet sunset, especially from the air.   :)

We eventually finished up the loop and headed back to Warrenton. This was on final to runway 15; Bob definitely has the better view from the front seat. It had been a fun flight...I'm glad I got to tag along!

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