Thursday, August 9, 2018

March Recap

Back in March, Mark took a quick overnight trip into DC with one of his buddies. I stayed home and kept the doggies company...

...and randomly watched the Oscars to kill some time. I think it's the first time I've ever sat down and watched an awards show.

A few days later, Mark and I went to the Kennedy Center. We had originally planned to just go to the free concert; Flor de Toloache was playing on one of the side stages, so we had initially planned to go watch them, then grab dinner somewhere and come home. The day before, though, one of my supervisors asked if we wanted his ticket to go see Don Carlo in the Opera House since he was too sick to go. We were able to get another ticket right behind that seat, so we wound up seeing two shows that night! Both of them were really good.   :)

We stopped at Silver Diner after the opera; I had a glass of wine and some fancy spicy cauliflower dish that was delicious.

I don't remember why we put the floor pillow on the couch, but the doggies thought it was a great idea.

I was able to spend some more time playing in my shop. I started by marking up a bigger piece of sheet metal...

...then used my band saw to cut it into smaller squares that I can use to practice drilling and riveting. I figured it would be smarter to practice on scrap instead of try to figure it all out on my actual project!

We did some more baking and cooking, too. Mark made a couple loaves of bread...

...and our friend Jen came over to help us make sweet potato gnocchi for dinner. (They turned out pretty good, aside from being a bit of a weird texture.)

I got to spend a day riding right seat in the HondaJet (as mentioned in my previous post). I wish we could have spent a bit more time in the warm sun down in Florida, but I'll take what I can get!

The hyacinths my mom sent me last fall have been starting to bloom. It's been fun to see what pops up each day!

We also have a few bunnies living in the yard now. They mostly stay out of the way and the dogs mostly leave them alone, so as long as they don't eat our plants I don't mind them.

We wound up with a handful of days that were nice enough to sit on the porch with a drink. The doggies stole my seat, though.

I spent a bit more time in my shop, working on my practice project...

...and snuck in a bit of flying here and there when the weather cooperated.

Either my ADS-B was going crazy or an SR-71 was flying on one of the arrivals to Baltimore. That airspeed readout is nuts!

It's a good thing I was able to enjoy a little bit of flying in the nice weather...

...because several days later, this is what we had.

I was at work when it started to snow and they wound up sending a bunch of us home. I was one of the lucky ones that was allowed to leave, so I hung out at home in front of the fire while the doggies and I waited for Mark to get home, too.

Toward the end of March, Mark and I went to DC for a whiskey festival at the Jack Rose Dining Saloon. We met a couple of his work buddies there and had a really good time, though now I know I need to pace myself a bit better when there are so many tasty things to try. Oops.

We spent the night in DC and went to a nearby coffee shop for breakfast the next morning before heading back home.

The hyacinths in our front yard are really starting to bloom now.

One of the things I had for breakfast at the coffee shop in DC was a ham and cheese scone. It was so stinking good that I found a recipe for them when we got home and tried a batch. They turned out really well, so I'm going to start freezing them to use for breakfasts on days that I have to be at work early.

 We rounded out the month with more flowers...

...and some napping. I was definitely ready for some warmer weather and sunshine!

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