Wednesday, November 7, 2018

June Recap

Again, I honestly don't remember everything I did this month. Time for more captions!

We had a fair amount of crummy weather. This was at HWY, shortly before the skies opened up.

I had a pretty crummy week at the beginning of the month. A wine tasting on my Friday helped turn things around a bit.

The next day, we packed the doggies in the car...

...and drove up to Reston to have dinner with our friend Jen and check out her new place. We took all the doggies for a walk around her neighborhood.

Bacon remembers Jen and her mom, but it took Wembles a little longer to warm up enough to get some pets.

We had some more decent porch weather, which Mark used to repot some plants...

...and I used a random day off to get both of my planes detailed. They looked so much better when they were done!

Bacon got a new soccer ball, which she promptly flattened...

...and we had tacos for dinner one night.

I had been buried in my computer and up to my eyeballs in Women Can Fly planning and was starting to get burned out. I took an afternoon off and went to a nearby park with Mark and the doggies for a break.

The doggies had fun wandering around and sniffing everything.

For how nice it was, I was a little surprised there were still so many boats left at the dock!

After we finished up at the park, we dropped the doggies off, hopped in the Datsun...

...and drove out to the Prince Michel winery for a tasting and a glass of wine. It had been a nice break for a few hours; I definitely needed it!

I was back at work the next day; while I was working approach, someone walked by with a container of macarons they were sharing. I wasn't about to turn that down! I immediately got too busy to eat it (of course), but I saved it for my next break and savored it in front of my locker.   :)

I went right to the airport after work that Saturday; time for a Women Can Fly planning meeting! We had our core group of lead volunteers there to review the event and make sure we were all on the same page. It was a really good meeting, and we even had pie (thanks to Dave).

We had some more good porch weather...

...and the doggies staked a claim on my floor pillow.

Finally - our new kitchen window being put to good use!   :)

Mark took advantage of the good weather to do some grilling...

...and I took advantage of our pool table to work on a jigsaw puzzle for a much-needed break from my laptop and event planning.

Our power randomly went out again. Hopefully this time they've fixed it so it won't happen again, because this one woke me up stupidly early on one of my days off because the air conditioner clicked off.

I had one last Women Can Fly planning meeting with a couple people just a few days before the event. We met up at a Silver Diner, where I had my favorite tasty cauliflower thing while we finalized the flightline ops.

Finally, it was time for Women Can Fly! You can read more about it in one of my previous posts, but we had a great time despite some uncooperative weather.

Thank goodness for the HondaJet drawings; I think that helped keep so many people there until the weather cleared up enough to fly!

I thankfully had the day after the event off. I had a bit of a lazy start, but I eventually got moving and went to check out the Graffiti House with my dad and Mark. The house was used as a field hospital during the Civil War, and there is graffiti all over the walls inside. It was pretty neat!

I especially liked that they wrote the date of that year's first snow in one spot. We had a great tour guide; he had all sorts of interesting stories and I could have listened to him all day.

After finishing up at the Graffiti House, we took Dad to Morais for a wine tasting...

...then finished up with some more time hanging out on the porch.

Dad and Zach went home the next day, and I went back over to my hangar to start weeding through the pile of boxes left over from the event.

I also made a bit of time to go fly my C172. It was so nice to have a bit of free time again!

I wrapped up June with a flight to SHD with Dave to drop off some signs and supplies (you can read more about this and see more pictures in my previous post). Overall, June had been a busy month; I was looking forward to things calming down a bit after the event.

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