Sunday, January 16, 2011

Picture of the Day: January 16

One of my random cool flying altitude correction computer from the 1940s. I have no idea how to use it, though!


  1. Hi, Sarah!

    I believe what you have there is an AN5837-1 Altitude Correction Computer. If so, look HERE and scroll about 3/4 of the way down to find instructions for its use.



  2. Ooo, neat...thanks Frank! I'll definitely check that out. :)

    Have you been able to get your plane back from CT yet? I haven't seen you in a while!


  3. Sore subject, Sarah. The elements have been conspiring against me. Amtrak again last night - and the train broke down outside Trenton, they had to find "The Little Engine That Could" (diesel) to push us into PHL then get us on a following train. Wound up arriving DC Union Station 0030, home 0130. Grrr.

    Have to get in a flight with a safety pilot in CT this week to stay current. Will probably require some shovel action to clear a path to the taxiway at KBDR. I find it's harder to stay current in winter than in summer, as in winter the wx is either great (no approaches) or unflyable (no approaches).

    Hope to check in with PCT soon. Keep warm,


  4. Oof...sorry to hear your trip home was so unpleasant! I know what you mean about winter currency...I went uncurrent in late December, so the next nice day I could find I made sure to go up and do some takeoffs and landings for a while. That was about three weeks ago and I haven't flown since, thanks to the weather and my work schedule. I can't wait for spring!