Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Picture of the Day: September 20

This wasn't originally how I planned to start my day, but it is better than nothing. Today I'm heading to Asheville, NC, to visit Dave and Debby! I had planned to rent the C150 and fly down there myself, but some low clouds along the entire route changed those plans. I wound up flying commercial out of Dulles. They tried to delay my first flight, but thanks to a couple work buddies I was able to use some ATC magic to get us out of there. My second flight got canceled due to maintenance, but I was able to get on another flight and wound up in NC only an hour or so later than originally planned.

Dave volunteers at the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site, so after a tasty lunch we headed over there.

I got to see the goats Dave works with! They come right up to you and you can pet them; they're very friendly.

...maybe a little too friendly. This one tried to eat my camera strap. Oops. :)

All the lady goats were eating the grass in a field. I told Mark that maybe we should get a couple so he wouldn't have to mow the lawn as much. I'm not sure he thought that was a good idea.

There was a big patch of bamboo near the house. I loved the colors and texture.

Afterward we walked through downtown Hendersonville. There were lots of neat shops.

One of the shops had the cutest wiener dog! I would have taken it home with me if they would have let me. :)

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