Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Picture of the Day: September 21

Good morning from North Carolina! After a tasty breakfast, I hung out on Dave and Debby's back deck and watched the hummingbirds eat their breakfast, too.

Truffles likes to sit outside and watch the birds, too. :)

It rained most of the morning, so we spent some time checking out some cool shops and antique stores in Hendersonville. It looked like it was clearing after lunch, so we decided to try hiking to some waterfalls. We only got a few hundred feet into the hike before it started raining again, so we turned around.

We drove a little further back to check out a different trail area. As we were driving back to the main road Dave suddenly stopped. There was a copperhead in the middle of the road! It wasn't afraid of us at all; it raised its head and eyeballed Dave as he walked around, looking at it.

The weather did eventually get a little better, so we decided to hike Big Glassy Trail at the Carl Sandburg Home. There were mushrooms everywhere along the sides of the trail.

I wouldn't mind a comfy chair in the middle of the woods. It looks so peaceful.

The trail was a little longer than we expected, but we eventually got close to the overlook.

...almost there!

Ta da! So there actually are mountains here! :)

Some of the clouds looked really low and angry...

...and it started to get foggy in the valley as we watched.

The water in the lake was so still.

We finally got some blue skies toward the end of the day!

I hung out on the back deck again to try to get some more hummingbird pictures...

...and we rounded out the day with some fantastic chocolate fondue and a few games of dominoes. Very fun and delicious!! :)

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