Saturday, October 1, 2011

Picture of the Day: October 1

I had to work this morning, but since Jeff had never been hiking before, we spent the afternoon in Shenandoah!

It was a little more dreary than we expected, but we figured we could squeeze in a short hike.

We decided to hike Stony Man, a fairly short hike with a neat view of the valley to the west at the top. It started out clear, but started to get foggier as we went on.

Yay - we made it! We were completely in the clouds at the summit; it looked crazy! It started to rain while we were up there, too.

The rocks looked nuts - they just fell away into white nothingness.

It started to snow as we hiked back to the car. Oops.

The snowflakes were huge!

It was completely miserable by the time we got back to the car; this may have been the worst weather hike I've done yet! It was worth it, though, to see the summit all fogged in. :)

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