Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hello, everyone! Yes, I am still here!

I'm sorry I've gotten so far behind on posts - I promise, I haven't abandoned my blog! Iceland was fantastic and I'm working on the updates; I'm hoping to have everything posted within the next week. I've been busy between work and the flight school and time has been slipping away. It seems like every time I turn around another week has gone by! Also, as a heads up, after I got back from Iceland I temporarily suspended the Picture of the Day project. While fun, I got a little burned out editing the Iceland pictures and decided to give myself a break from my cameras and Photoshop. I still have been taking some pictures, though, so I will still be posting on a fairly regular basis.

Mark and I are gearing up for our next trip: we're spending the first two weeks of December in New Zealand! I can't wait; neither one of us has been to the Southern Hemisphere, plus I'll be turning 30 the day we arrive, so it should be a great time (and you can expect loads of pictures). We've also decided to save our leave (and money) and spend the last two weeks of October (next year) in Europe, and have already started tossing ideas around for that. Among those mentioned: spending the last several days of the trip in Iceland (yes, we liked it that much!), running a marathon in a small village in northern France, checking out Switzerland, and attending a short culinary class or two at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. No matter what, I'm sure it will be fun! :)

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