Friday, August 3, 2012

An Afternoon with Goblins

After my race we still had an afternoon left to go exploring, so after a snack and a shower we hopped in the car and drove into the desert. I counted dust devils to pass the time...and lost track at 20.
I liked how this mesa-thing looked like it spilled.
We saw a few small dust storms, too.
It took a little while but we finally reached our destination: Goblin Valley State Park!
The goblins are actually rock formations...there are a whole bunch of them of all shapes and sizes.
The best part is you're allowed to walk through them, climb on them, and basically do whatever you want.
There was a small hill in the middle; I climbed up to the top and was nearly blown into the next county. It was WINDY. I wouldn't be surprised if there were gusts somewhere around 50mph.
We spent a while wandering around between the goblins.
I think this is Wild Horse Butte. It was huge!
Overall, Utah was awesome! I wish I had more time to explore, but I'm hoping to make another trip back there sometime to spend some more time in the National Parks (and maybe run the race again). 


It's been a crazy couple months and I know I haven't been keeping up with my blog as much as I was. I'm hoping to change that soon! I've been slammed at the flight school lately and we've been short-staffed at my full time job, so between working a bunch and trying to squeeze in marathon training I haven't been doing much else. I'm starting to take more time off, though, so I'll get back to adventurey type things soon!   :)

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