Sunday, August 19, 2012


I know, I's been a while since I've posted anything! I do have some pictures and stuff that I'm hoping to get up here later this week. Mark just flew up to Maine today for the week, so I'm planning to spend the next few days catching up on a few things.

Between the TRACON and the flight school, I've spent most of this summer working (in one case, for 45 days straight). Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's frustrating, but when you open an email and see something like this:


Landed the plane at the controls for the first time yesterday. Your tip on the rudder control made all the difference.

Thanks so much!

...or read a friend's blog and see something like this:

 Except...after passing Baltimore under the watchful care of Potomac Approach, N631S and I headed south to Nottingham (OTT) as we do nearly every Friday. I expected a vector after OTT to about a 240 heading and after a while a turn toward "home plate" at KVKX. But I got a pleasant surprise in the form of a clearance direct to the field from a point just north of OTT!

I must admit that I didn't recognize my benefactor's voice – people do sound differently on different frequencies – until I had KVKX in sight and cancelled IFR. That's when I heard, "Have a good evening, Frank..." and figured out that my final controller was my friend Sarah. So, if you read this, Sarah...thanks for the early turn toward home. makes it all worth it.   :)

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