Sunday, February 17, 2013

Picture of the Day; February 11th to February 17th

February 11th: Mark had some tasty drinks. I know it's Monday, but finally, it's my Friday! This past work week was awful start to finish, and when I finally got home I almost immediately grabbed a beer. I earned it. Mark somehow drank me under the table, though, and when I went to bed was still going strong. My, how the tables have turned...

February 12th: Flying Dave's C210. I had a student in the Skycatcher this morning and it was so bumpy that when she reduced the power to transition to slow flight the plane became almost uncontrollable. So much for that! We wound up cutting the flight short because we were getting kicked around so much. Since I was done early, Dave asked if I wanted to tag along to help him use up some of the gas in his plane. Gladly! We buzzed down to Williamsburg and back. It's always fun to get to fly something where the feet come up.   :)

February 13th:Soup and sammich. My mom gave me these cool plate/bowl sets the last time I went to NJ, and I finally got the chance to try them out tonight when Mark made grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner.

 February 14th: Happy Valentine's Day! Mark got me some pretty tulips.   :)

February 15th: HWY from 400'. The weather was fantastic this morning, so I spent an hour in the traffic pattern with one of my students doing soft field takeoffs and landings. It was so smooth and visibility was great...I wish I could have stayed up longer!

 February 16th: Secret tulips. Mark also got me a container of planted tulips for Valentine's Day, and the flowers just started peeking out this afternoon.   :)

February 17th: Doggy nap time. I had the mid this week, and as I was getting ready to leave I came downstairs and found the dogs all curled up on the couch. Must be nice!

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