Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Picture of the Day: February 18th to February 24th

February 18th: Mark's trip to the ABC store. He originally went there with the intention of getting some bourbon to try but it seems a few more bottles followed him home. We had fun sipping tiny bits of each one, then made a couple drinks (because it wouldn't be a Monday night without junk food and a tasty drink or two). My favorite was Cointreau...I thought the bourbon tasted a bit too much like wood, myself.

February 19th: Sunset. The weather was pretty bad most of the day so I spent the day getting stuff done around the house. The clouds started to break toward the end of the day.

February 20th: Capitol Rotunda. Mark and I spent the day in DC and took a tour of the Capitol Building (you can read all about it in my last post).

 Feb 21: Crocus. I saw this as I was running out the door to head to work. Spring is almost here!

February 22nd: My orange tree. I'd been thinking of getting a plant for my office, and I found a place that sells dwarf citrus trees. I picked out a three year old blood orange tree...supposedly it'll start making oranges next year. While I was reading through the planting instructions I noticed that it could grow to be 6-10' tall. It's already doing really well and making new leaves, so I guess my office is going to become an office/arboretum. Oops.   :)

 February 23rd: Bye, Civic! I haven't been driving my Civic much since I bought an Insight last summer, and since I don't fly to any particular airport enough to justify keeping a spare car there I really didn't need the Civic anymore. Since it had no air conditioning and 158,000+ miles on it, I didn't bother trading it in since I figured they'd just laugh in my face, so I decided to donate it to Vehicles For Change. It's a local charity that refurbishes cars and gives them to low income families. My Civic had been good to me, so hopefully it'll be good to someone else now!

 February 24th: Rhymes With Orange comic. I actually laughed out loud at this one. This is part of the reason why most of my friends are guys. (If you can't read the text, the first panel says: males together: a fight to the death. The second panel says: females together: a maelstrom of backhanded compliments. 'That cloudy eye really gives you an air of mystery.')

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