Monday, March 4, 2013

Picture of the Day: February 25th to March 3rd

February 25th: Geese on the pond at work. It was pretty nice out and I had a day shift, so I used a couple of my breaks to walk a few laps around the track at work.

February 26th: Doggy bath! The weather was terrible today (for I think the third Tuesday in a row), so Mark and I just got some stuff done around the house. Stuff like cleaning up some mucky doggies! I managed to catch Giz mid-shake.   :)

February 27th: Simulated IFR above the clouds. There was a lower cloud layer when I met my student at the airport this morning, but by the time he took a practice written exam it had cleared up enough to sneak in a quick flight. Unusual attitudes under the fun!

February 28th: Bye, mountains.Visibility was pretty good at the start of this flight, but by the time we did a few simulated engine failures you could see the rain showers creeping over the ridges. By the time we shut down the rain was at the far edge of the airport. Yuck.

March 1st: Teacups. I picked up a set of Fiestaware teacups a while ago but still haven't found a place to display them (aside from my sewing table in my office). Hmm...maybe a project for this weekend.

March 2nd: Kristy Bee's wedding! We made a quick trip up to Philly for Kristy and Ryan's wedding. I've been to a few weddings and honestly, this one may have been the best one yet. They had the ceremony in an old-school movie theater (complete with a homemade 1920's movie trailer of how they met, and the flower girls dropped yellow flower petals out of popcorn boxes), the reception was in an awesome banquet hall, the food (and open bar) was great, they had a live motown band that played great music, and Kristy and Ryan even got up and did a song. It was a blast, and when we talked to Kristy before we left she and I both agreed that she wins at wedding. Hopefully they'll be able to come visit sometime this summer!  :)

March 3rd: New leaves on my orange tree. My orange tree has been going bananas lately. Also, between working a day/mid, I think this was the most sun I saw all day. I was so worn out from the trip to Philly that I slept five hours straight between the day/mid. I don't know if I've ever done that!

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