Sunday, March 31, 2013

Picture of the Day: March 25th to March 31st

March 25th: Snow. Again. I think I scraped about 3 inches of snow off my car before heading in for the day shift, and it was still coming down. It eventually changed to rain and most of it melted after a little while.

March 26th: Medevac Lear 35 at HWY. All of my flights got winded out today, even my night flight. I still met up with my student, though, to do a bit of prep for his written exam. Shortly before sunset this Lear flew in, so we took a break from the classroom to watch him land and unload.

March 27th: Oh, snowy wiener dog. I took the afternoon off from the flight school, so Mark and I took the dogs up to Shenandoah National Park. It was really neat...even though it was relatively warm at home (I think about 50 degrees), it was full-blown winter up there. Bacon LOVED the snow and kept rolling around in it; she had lots of little snowballs stuck in her fluff. I'll have more pictures in an upcoming post.   :)

March 28th: Downtown Remington. My student got winded out again today (seems to be a recurring theme lately), so I used the morning to take care of some chores. It's definitely handy to have a DMV within walking distance!

March 29th: I got my violin back! Mark and I drove to Alexandria before work today to pick it up from Brobst Violin Shop. I had to get it repaired because a seam was coming apart at the bottom, then a small crack appeared on the face of the instrument under the tailpiece. I felt like such a bad violin mommy, but the shop did a great job fixing it and it sounds just fine.   :)

March 30th: Aaahh...front porch weather. I had initially planned to go right to the airport after work and fly my plane, but the winds were jumping around a bit and as the day wore on I felt more and more wiped out, so I just went home instead. It was so nice outside that I didn't want to waste the weather, so I took my newspaper and a glass of wine out to the front porch and sat outside for a while.

March 31st: Happy Easter! I spent today working day/mid, so we didn't plan anything for the holiday. Mark went to Wegman's this morning during work and brought me back a tasty muffin AND flowers! I kept them in my locker until it was time to go home; they smelled so good.

In sad news, I found out that one of my former coworkers from the skydiving school in NJ passed away this morning. I had drifted out of touch with her over the past few years, and it turns out she had cancer. I worked with her for several years, and if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be the customer service fanatic I am today. She also introduced me to sushi, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and convinced me to take a tap dancing class. It's sad to think that she's not still around, but in the words of one of my friends, I hope that wherever she is, boys in towels are feeding her grapes.   :)    Blue skies, Liz...I bet you're already catching up with PJ and Sara.

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