Thursday, April 4, 2013

Guest Post: Rudy Goes Hiking

I've been pretty busy with work lately, and that's left a bit less time than I'd like for adventuring. To help fill the gap between my own adventures, I've decided to have another guest blogger.

Meet Rudy! He's going to tell you about his hike in Great Falls, VA. 

Barkbark, bark! Bark burf burf, yarp yarp bark. Grrrr....bark barkbark woof bark yap.

Bark bark, bwoof. *pantpant* Woofwoof hooooowwwwll. Bwoof woofbark, snork!


*sniffsniffsniff* Berf? Bark barkbark, woof; bwoofbark yarp yarp yarp yarp. Bark grrrrwoof, burfyarp.


Barkybark bark, woof bwoofwoof grrrrrrrrrr...*snork*. Yarp yarp yarp, grrr....burf? Barkbarkbarkbark.



Burfbarkburf, YARPYARPYARP!! Bark woofwoof, bwoofbark.


Barkbark barkwoof. Hoooooooooowwwwll!!!

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